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  • The Perfect Sugar Baby: First Date

    First encounters are always a little uncomfortable. Butterflies in the stomach, some shame and not knowing what to talk about? All this is very normal. But how to be the perfect sugar baby on your first date with a sugar daddy? Here are some tips for you to be successful from the start 😉

  • Does Being a Sugar Baby equal Hypergamy?

    Have you ever heard of hypergamy or wondered if you could be hypergamic? In this article, we’ll explain what that means and how it is related to being a sugar baby.

  • What makes a sugar baby stand out?

    Flirting is taken far too seriously by some people in the US. So how can a British sugar baby stand out from other women? The sugar baby is usually a confident woman. She knows exactly where her strengths lie and how she can compensate for her flaws. She is also beautiful and young. But how does she manage to conquer the richest men? How is she different from other women? What makes her so special? Here are three key elements that will guarantee your success:

  • Relationship Break: Solution or Beginning of the End?

    In a relationship, hardly any other topic is as controversial as this one. Here comes our advice for all those who are currently in a relationship crisis and are asking themselves the question: is a relationship break the solution or the beginning of the end?

  • An Evening in a Sugar Baby’s Life

    In this blog post, we offer a sneak peek into a sugar baby’s life. Sugar baby Lexie tells us what makes her a happy sugar baby: 🥰 Joyfully, college student Lexie opened her mail. The sugar baby had had a long day at work. Like every evening, she sat down on her new leather couch, snuggled up in her warm blanket, and drank champagne from a glass — a habit she was beginning to love and the first real luxury in her life! And all this at the expense of a man she hadn’t known […]

  • Is sugar dating a good choice? (2/2)

    Sugar dating is often seen by outsiders as a form of prostitution. But what is it like behind the scenes? Where is the line? And how relevant is sex really? As a continuation of last week’s blog entry, today we will finish answering this question: is sugar dating a good choice?

  • Men in these 10 professions cheat the most

    Judging by most tv shows about relationships, wherever power, influence and money meet, infidelity thrives. This often happens in the work sphere. But is there a profession — or several — where men cheat the most? Yes! As it turns out, the loyalty of a partner is influenced by, among others, his profession and the environment in which he finds himself, and men with certain jobs are more likely to cheat. Read on to find out which ones.

  • Is sugar dating a good choice? (1/2)

    Sugar dating is often seen by outsiders as a form of prostitution. But what is it like behind the scenes? Why does someone start sugar dating? And don’t prejudice and negative press articles deter them?

  • The Art of Doing Your Make-Up

    Why do we wear make-up? Depending on whom you ask the question, the answer will surely be different. Age plays an important role here. Let’s just think about ourselves. As young girls, we wanted to feel adult because we could hardly wait to finally become “a grown up”. It’s different with more mature women, who may want to hide a few years. Often, we put make-up on for a special occasion, like a date or a birthday party. With make-up, we can emphasize our most beautiful features, strengthening our self-confidence. Sometimes, however, women are just […]

  • Love scams: Love and security on the Internet

    Today, online dating has become possible thanks to the many dating platforms out there. And, of course, it has made life easier for many people, as we can meet people from all over the world in the comfort of our home. Often, the conversation flows really smoothly, increasing the intimacy between two strangers really quickly. Knowing that, some people take advantage of this situation. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to protect yourself from these people, who are behind love scams on the internet.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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