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Dating Etiquette for Sugar Babies: 12 Rules Every SB Should Follow

You are new to the sugar dating scene and managed to find a sugar daddy nevertheless. Your first date, the so-called meet and greet (M&G) is coming up, and you are looking for advice because you would hate to ruin your chances with this potential sugar daddy? Since everyone is faced with exactly this situation in the beginning, we talked to several experienced sugar babies to create this list of dos and do nots, so you can avoid breaking the most important rules of etiquette for sugar babies!

Etiquette for sugar babies: Before the date

Etiquette for sugar babies does not differ much from regular dating etiquette. In fact, it is a set of additional rules and recommendations, as sugar dating is a form of dating, nonetheless. For this reason, you might want to refresh your knowledge of other forms of etiquette that are also relevant for sugar babies, such as dining etiquette. Fortunately, there is much that can be learned from YouTube without needing to hire an etiquette consultant:

Before we get started: do you know what etiquette is for? Etiquette is designed for making people feel comfortable. They are a set of rules and customs followed by members of a group in specific circumstances. They give social interactions some degree of predictability, saving us from anxiety and embarrassment. Here are some rules of etiquette for sugar babies that will hopefully make sugar dating less unpredictable and anxiety-inducing:

#1 Do not take too long to reply to his messages

Let’s assume you already have found a potential sugar daddy. He has shown interest, you two used MySugarDaddy’s built-in video chat feature to get to know each other better and the meet and greet has already been scheduled. It sounds like most of the job is done, right? Wrong!

More often than not, your first date will be in a couple days or weeks, meaning the relationship will stay online-only in the meantime. This rule is here to remind you that sugar dating is not only about capturing the interest of a sugar daddy, but also keeping it.

One of the ways to do it is by replying to his messages in a timely manner. We know you have a busy life too, so we are not implying you should be available and reachable 24/7. However, taking too long to reply can make your sugar daddy feel unimportant. Besides, he knows that people your age seem to have their phones glued to their hands, so he can read a lot into your reaction time.


To avoid that, always reply on the same day and apologize for the delay by explaining to him why you could not do it right away. A simple “Sorry, I worked till 7” will do.

#2 Always dress appropriately for the occasion

etiquette rule for sugar babies being followed: sb well dressed for a beach wedding

In my opinion, this is the most important etiquette rule for sugar babies. As mentioned above, etiquette rules are designed to make everyone participating in a social event comfortable. To some, this may be a surprise that this also extends to your choice of garment. It is fair to assume that no rich guy would feel comfortable sitting across a woman that looks like a stripper in a five-star restaurant, isn’t it?

This is why you should always ask him where you will meet and do your research so you can pick an appropriate dress. Also, remember to not overdo your makeup. Less is more!

#3 Do not leave your sugar daddy waiting

etiquette for sugar babies rule being broken: sugar daddy waiting for sugar baby

There are two groups of people who are aware that time is money: businessmen, which includes most sugar daddies, and sugar babies since their time and attention constitute their part in the sugar relationship bargain. Knowing that, how do you think a sugar daddy would feel if you left him waiting for you for hours at a restaurant?

That does not mean you cannot ever be late. Things beyond our control always happen. The key is to communicate it! The golden rule regarding delays is: your notice should always be directly proportional to your delay. If you know you will only be able to show up one hour later, tell him that at least one hour before the date was supposed to happen.

Also, remember to always keep your promises. Do not reschedule unless it is an emergency. This way, you can show him that he has priority in your life and that you are aware that he is a busy person and that his time is valuable.

#4 Do not sext or send nudes before you meet him

etiquette for sugar babies advice not being followed: picture of sugar baby showing too much skin

This piece of advice is closely related to the next one on our list. If you do not send him nudes before meeting him in person, you will make him want you more and excite him about meeting up soon. The same goes for sexting. It does not mean that you cannot talk about sex with him — which is somewhat necessary to establish sexual compatibility and set expectations.


During the date

#5 Do not get intimate on the first date (M&G)

I know we might be sounding like your mom here, but there are several good reasons for this advice. First of all, this rule helps you to set the right expectations. By clearly stating that the meet and greet will be platoniche will be less likely to go home feeling disappointed, hurt or upset. Secondly, it makes the date easier to navigate: you can focus on him and the chemistry better, without wandering all the time about what might happen later. Finally, it leaves him wanting more.

There is the possibility that the chemistry and sexual tension between you and him will be irresistible. That is not a problem at all! You can always underpromise and overdeliver 😉


#6 Listen more than you talk

Try to put yourself into the shoes of a sugar daddy. You had a stressful day full of decisions, appointments and people awaiting your orders. You were in a rush and everything seemed to depend on you. One wrong move could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But finally, the day is over and you have a meet and greet with an interesting new potential sugar baby. How would you like the date to be?

Relaxing and fun, I would guess. This is why you should be very attuned to your potential sugar daddy and listen more than you talk. As he probably wants to forget about the rest of his life when he is around you, do not ask too many questions about his work and particularly not about his family. Prefer topics such as his interests and hobbies, favorite travel destinations and people who inspired him.

Listen to him actively. Let him be vulnerable and never judge him or give unsolicited advice. Keep in mind that he is there to be the center of your attention and to relax, so never use this vulnerable moment to talk about your personal struggles unless he asks you directly.


Additionally, to make sure your first date is as relaxing as it gets, no matter what, keep your phone away! The only exception is if you are expecting a very important call. In this case, let him know that at the beginning and tell him why you must pick it up. Otherwise, it would be extremely rude and imply that he is a low priority to you.

Etiquette rules for sugar babies: quick tips

#7 Do not ghost him: Remember the human and do not burn bridges, as he might be your boss or business partner someday. The only exception to this rule is scammers. They do not deserve your time.

#8 Keep a low profile. He might not want to be seen flaunting a sugar baby. For this reason, you should always keep the pictures and details to yourself and be mindful of what you share in conversations with other people.

#9 Be neat: do not leave a mess everywhere you go, including hotels and his car.

#10 Respect his privacy. Do not be nosy or ask him too many questions. Moreover, it should go without saying that you should never go through his phone!

Pro tip: if he is married and worried about his wife seeing any message from you, never initiate contact. This way, you can always assume it is safe to communicate with him when he messages you and that he will not get into trouble because of you.

#11 Go freshen up your makeup while he pays the check. By leaving the table before the waiter brings the check, you can avoid the awkwardness of watching him dig out his wallet. Besides, you will come back to the table looking fresh as a thank you for his generosity, which takes me to my last point:

#12 Show gratitude. No one likes to be taken for granted!

We hope our etiquette rules for sugar babies make your meet and greet much easier and successful!