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Nudes: how to react if asked

Just like on any regular dating website, sometimes you are faced with the request to send nudes. But what if the sugar daddy you’re talking to seems very promising, on the one hand, and you aren’t the kind of person who enjoys sharing naked pictures, especially before the first date? In this article, we’ll share some tips so that you know how to react with class and not ruin your chances with said potential sugar daddy.

Nudes: to send or not to send

Before we even start, let’s make one thing very clear: if it goes against your principles to send revealing pics of yourself over the internet, DON’T DO IT! No matter why you don’t want to do it, be it out of fear of them being posted somewhere else, because you need to know and trust the other person better before you do, for whatever reason, always remember: your reasons are valid! Never let anybody convince you of the opposite.

nope to nudes painted on wall

Act like an empowered Sugar Baby!

Is it really necessary to send nudes?

Some Sugar Babies feel pressured to send pictures showing way more skin than usual. I know why they would feel like that, since all beginnings are difficult and sometimes sugar daddies take long to come up.

That means that they end up receiving several requests for nudes from Splenda daddies and salt daddies. This often results in the belief that this is common practice in the sugar world and that if she doesn’t comply, she’ll be at risk of losing what might be a chance in a lifetime. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

How to say “no” with class

example of full body shot as alternative to nudes
  1. Full body shots on your profile: as many emphasize, your profile pics are your visit card. Therefore, don’t forget to include pictures in which your body shape is clearly visible;
  2. Play dumb: some sugar daddies ask this question because they suspect your profile pics might be outdated or even from somebody else. Send a recent full body shot. If that isn’t enough, follow the next tip.
  3. Tell him your truth, no matter what: “I don’t do naked pics, maybe someday in person”, “only after our first date”, etc.

And don’t worry about it: a legit sugar daddy is interested in a relationship. In other words, the process of getting to know each other and so on is the same as in any traditional relationship.ย ย  What matters the most is the compatibility between the two of you in terms of personality, expectations and interests. Besides, if he insists, he might be a scammer!

Never forget: the right men know how to wait!