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Women’s Empowerment: What does it mean?

In the past few years, Women’s empowerment has been an absolute trending topic. But even though most people have heard about it, only a few know what is really about. That’s why I decided to explain it here with several practical examples so that everything is clear once and for all. Let us begin with the meaning of this expression.

Women’s Empowerment explained

To empower is an action verb

Empower yourself!

Empowerment is not that simple to define. It is fundamentally a process. It consists of increasing the capacity of individuals to make decisions and transform them into concrete actions and results. In other words, empowerment is the process of making a person aware that he or she has a direct influence on his or her reality.

The opposite of empowerment is conformism and victimhood. When a friend complains about the way she is treated at work, and we say, “We live in a toxic society, but what can we do? It is the culture of the company.”, we are reinforcing her feeling of powerlessness in the face of the situation. Empowering would be saying: “I know how unpleasant it is to have to work in such an environment. Who can you talk to, or what can you do to solve this problem? To feel good in the workplace is everyone’s right.”.

A lot of women believe that “things are the way they are.” and I don’t totally blame them. They don’t feel comfortable being themselves, because they think that to survive, they have to adapt and submit to the rules of this “male-dominated” world. But in reality, they are as capable of realizing their dreams as any man. They need just to be empowered.

Empower yourself!

Women's Empowerment

Many women are not aware of their own power and of the power that the world exercises over them. Empowerment is, first of all, recognizing how we act (makeup, dress, behave in work, private life and especially social networks) and how our choices are determined by society and, above all, by the media. The second step is to evaluate what we can do to be more like ourselves and less like what is expected from us. Start implementing small changes is definitely part of the process. The ultimate goal is to be authentic all the time. Empowerment means regaining power over ourselves in all senses and situations.

Women’s empowerment is to become aware that all human beings are equal by nature and, if we act in a way that does not reflect total gender equality, we are perpetuating this inequality. Empowerment is recognizing how the role of women is restricted in society and how we live up to the expectations of others. Empowerment is pure: it is not conforming to everything as it is given, but doing everything in our power to change our reality. This is not done overnight, of course.

Attitudes of an empowered woman

Women's Empowerment

To turn this abstract conversation into something more concrete, I selected some examples of the attitudes of empowered women:

In short, for me, empowerment is feeling the right to be oneself, regardless of what society has to say. It is to free oneself from outdated and abusive social patterns gradually.

Is it possible to become an empowered Sugar Baby?

Every woman can empower herself, regardless of age, profession, civil status, or lifestyle. Therefore, Sugar Babies are no exception. Let’s see how women’s empowerment can manifest itself in the Sugar World.

An empowered Sugar Baby is a friend and a sister. She is empathetic and understands why women around her act as they do. She is willing to listen and show understanding to other Sugar Babies. She respects the decisions and lifestyle of others โ€“ as long as they do not harm her.

Therefore, an empowered Sugar Baby is not jealous. Unfortunately, women are still raised to be each other’s enemies, not friends, particularly at the time of the conquest. Do you remember what you said about not tearing each other down? There are enough Sugar Daddies for everyone, you don’t have to fight to be the most beautiful. Also, the more empowered Sugar Babies, the more Sugar Daddies will be satisfied. If they feel satisfied, they will recommend the platform to more friends, and thus there will be even more Sugar Daddies on the site ๐Ÿ˜‰

An empowered Sugar Baby represents. On the one hand, she doesn’t allow herself to be defined by her gender, profession, or civil status. At the same time, she represents the feminine ideal by presenting herself to the world as the purest version of herself, showing that every woman is unique.

An empowered Sugar Baby collaborates. She wants to make the world a better place for all women. One of the ways to collaborate is by empowering other women, encouraging them to be themselves. It can be through conversations or simply through examples. So that’s it: be a living example!

And you, my dear Sugar Babies: did you feel more empowered by reading this text? If so, share it ๐Ÿ™‚