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5 Date ideas for busy people

Do you have the feeling that everybody is always busy and in a rush (yourself included)?! Maybe because it is not only a feeling but a fact. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week. And for some industries, like health care and technology, the weekly working hours can add up to 60. With so much time spent at work (and in transit), most people hardly have time for a good night’s sleep, not to mention for a date. So thinking about that, we gathered some ideas of dates that won’t take long but will make the difference in your love lives.

Date ideas for busy people

The classical: Coffee date

What is magical about the coffee date is that it can take place at absolutely any time! Just pick the most convenient location and time that suits both of you and voilà!! It looks like you’re all set!

For the pet owners: The dog walk date

That’s the real meaning of “killing two birds with one stone”. Imagine you, your partner and your dog(s) all having fun at the same time…

For the environmentally friendly: The bike/scooter ride date

This one is very simple. Next time you both are heading in a similar direction, turn this already pleasant ride into a more pleasant one: a ride for two.

For the fit people: The workout date

Why not enjoy your precious workout time in a good companion?? Maybe this week you both can do your favorite activity together, the next week his/hers and so on…

For the really busy ones: The supermarket date

Ok, we get you! You’re the busiest of the busy. But one day or another, you’ll need to buy food, right?! That’s it then! By inviting that person to do your groceries together, you not only optimize your time but also turn this extremely boring task into something enjoyable.

That’s all people! After all those great date ideas for busy people, we don’t want to hear from any of you anymore that your love life is going from bad to worse due to lack of time.