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Blind Date – Tips to make your date a success

Nowadays, almost every single person seems to be searching for a partner online. In this context, blind dates become very relevant. So that the appointment does not turn into a failure, we prepared some tips for you. Our advice will help you to conduct a successful and relaxing date. Additionally, we will show you how to break the ice with the proper elegance required in the Sugar World.

Meeting point:

blind date

As with classic dates, the blind date should take place in a public place. Whether in a beautiful park, a nice restaurant or a cozy café, the only important thing is that the site is open to the public.

Distinguishing feature:

So that you don’t have to look for the so-called needle in the haystack, you should use a distinguishing mark, which is unique, in a blind date. Characteristics such as black pants or a green jacket are too unspecific, and the search will turn out to be complicated.
Either describe your outfit in detail or choose an eye-catching accessory to your blind date. This way, you are recognized immediately and avoid embarrassing situations.

Show your personality:

In Blind Date, your inner attitude towards the attractive stranger is the be-all and end-all! The most important tip is not to pretend. You don’t have to be someone else in front of your counterpart. Don’t be unnaturally overexcited if you’re more introverted! Show your personality and be yourself. Because after all, if you are willing to take this relationship further, it doesn’t make any sense to pretend to be something that you are not.

Don’t laugh all the time:

A pretty smile is truly magical, and when followed by a funny remark, it can be sexy in the right measure. But don’t grin all the time! Use your smile skillfully, so you don’t have to end up saving it after a while.

Don’t talk too much about your previous relationship:

Blind date

So that your dating partner doesn’t get the feeling that this is an unsolved matter in your life. If possible, don’t touch this topic at all. I mean, do you really have to bring it up in the first meeting??

Be confident:

Self-confident people look extremely attractive! So the tip is: trust yourself during the blind date! For example, you can say that you have a great job, which makes you happy; that you pursue hobbies in your spare time; and that you have friends who are there for you.

Go for it:

A blind date is only successful if you get involved with the other person. Try to be as impartial as possible! Don’t let the optics dazzle you, in a way that you put your dating partner on the shelf too soon.

Chatterbox topics:

To avoid unpleasant breaks in conversation, you can work with the following topics:
Pick up aspects from your profile that you find appealing and exciting to you. An excellent starting point for a casual conversation are things that you might have in common. For example, you can start from common acquaintances, hobbies, holidays, and leisure activities. Tell about that great trip you have done and find out if your partner is also a trip lover. Also, you can find out what kind of vacation he or she prefers. Another popular theme is music. You could talk about your favorite artists, concerts you have already attended, and which are still on your wish list.

Sport connects:

Blind date

You can talk about your favorite games, your personal successes or goals, and find out how your date likes to spend his or her free time. You can address funny experiences from your school, training time, or from moments with your friends.
Other exciting topics include favorite movies, popular series, and books that you like. Very important: read the person’s profile one more time before the meeting, so that you can identify similarities between you in advance. With these topics, you have enough conversation ammunition to guarantee a fluid conversation and avoid unpleasant pauses.

The following topics are taboo:

Do not talk about sensitive issues such as a previous breakup or financial life. Avoid also to discuss religion and politics, at least for now. Finally, don’t point out that you are desperately looking for a partner, or have been recently rejected.

Show interest:

Do not talk too much and forget to let the other person speak. Show him or her attention by asking questions and stimulating communication. Show your care, for example, by nodding your head in agreement, and remember always to keep the eye contact while the person is speaking. According to a study, sympathy increases 30 percent if the listener agrees from time to time with his head.

Last but not least, speech breaks are normal:

Don’t forget that you are meeting a stranger. A short moment of silence is natural and there’s nothing terrible about it. Don’t get nervous immediately if the conversation stops for a short time.
Just breathe deeply and keep ongoing.