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Why and How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Feel Needed

Have you heard that men need to feel needed? But is it true? Why is that so? And, more importantly, how can you make a sugar daddy feel needed by you the right way? Read more to find out!

The male need to feel needed

Much has changed in society when it comes to relationships and dating. However, human brains don’t change as quickly. For centuries, men protected women and provided for their families. Nowadays, women are independent and could actually do without a man. This means that, as a woman, having a man in your life is a matter of choice.

woman making her man feel needed by asking him for help with her laptop

To men, this means that, if they don’t have a clear role in a woman’s life, they can be abandoned at any moment. Therefore, being needed brings them a sense of security.

Helping makes them feel needed. And if you are able to help someone, it means you are stronger than the person you are helping, to the point you might feel like a hero. Some men enjoy “saving” women so much they develop what is informally known as broken bird syndrome, moving from one relationship with an emotionally unstable woman to the next, even leaving their marriages for someone who makes them truly feel needed even though they are toxic.

In conclusion, having a clear role in a woman’s life gives men a sense of security in the relationship, since they are less likely to be abandoned all of a sudden, and makes them feel valued — if done correctly.

How do you achieve that?

How to make a man feel needed

To boost a man’s ego in this manner, it helps to know him well. Here are some ways to make your sugar daddy feel needed by you in a way that makes the two of you feel good:

woman making her man feel needed

Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know 😉

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