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Acts of service: love in the small gestures

In the last articles, we explain what are the 5 Love Languages and describe how natives of the languages “physical touch” and “words of affirmation” express and recognize love. Today it is time to talk about those people who consciously or unconsciously love through acts of service. How can we make them feel loved too?

Love and service

dinner, a common and neglected act of service

Everybody knows such a person: he or she invites you to dinner, sets the table with affection, cooks something unforgettable with love, serves the dishes and washes the dishes. She is always serving others in the broad sense of the word, always available, doing favors and offering support.

What few people know is that such a person probably has “acts of service” as her primary love language. And, consequently, she wants to be served as much as she likes to serve. But by not saying so, she ends up becoming an unsatisfied and bitter person.

So how can we say we love her in her language? Here are some examples:

Acts of service that transmit love

For the desired effect to be achieved, it is very important to do everything willingly and with a good heart. Otherwise, your grief will be visible anyway through your mood and behavior. If you do something against your will to please, or worse, for fear of the consequences of not doing it, you are not loving, and the other person will feel it.

To perform an act of service is to donate your time and energy. As a reward, you will win good humor, gratitude, and affection from the native of this language of love. Make your partner happy your new hobby!

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