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What to expect from European Sugar Daddies

How are Sugar Daddies of different European countries?

When we talk about how people from different cultures behave, we can’t simply generalize. Each person is unique, regardless of nationality. However, we frequently say, for example, that people from some cultures are warmer than others. This, among others, are the so-called stereotypes. Or in other words, an exaggerated and generalized expression about a group of people.

Again, people are different, but stereotypes can give us some hints on what to expect from a person depending on her cultural background. So following this line, in our article today we bring some characteristics of Sugar Daddies of different European nationalities. What is popularly said about these refined men? How are they physically and how do they behave in a relationship? These are some of the questions we will answer below.


European Sugar Daddies: German

In general, Germans are known for being cold, pragmatic and hardworking. And the truth is that some of this are true. According to a survey carried out by the German magazine “Bild der Frau”, for 62% of men, it is impossible to imagine a part-time job. In other words, for a German man, work is taken very seriously. They place a lot of value in their professional life.

But how do the Germans flirt? If you come from a “warm culture” and you’re meeting a German, you’ll probably find it hard to understand that they don’t flirt so romantically or adorn everything with words. No compliments every 5 seconds! In this sense, Germans are very discreet and direct. The good thing? You don’t always have to wait for them to take the initiative. For them, it is normal that the woman also does her part.

On the other hand, compared to other cultures, German men stand out for being very faithful – you won’t have to worry about this! Besides, a German Sugar Daddy will always want to protect you. He’ll try as hard as he can to be a great man both at home and at work.


European Sugar Daddies: French

When we think of the French, one thing immediately comes to mind: love. But why, is it because of the language that sounds so romantic, the cities that are so beautiful, or are they really passionate people?

Yes, when it comes to love, the French take it very seriously. For them, seduction is a game that requires dedication and finesse. There’s no need to go straight to the concrete. First, you have to go through that foreplay.

A French Sugar Daddy is an elegant, sophisticated and stylish man. For him, gastronomy has great significance in life. This aspect has to be taken into account when it comes to being with a French Sugar Daddy. From a woman, he will expect her to also have a good cultural background and to be cultured and intellectual. They enjoy cultural and artistic events. As parents, they know how to balance fun, family and work-life very well.



An Italian Sugar Daddy is synonymous with gallantry and flirting. They love to flirt from here to there, just for fun. Whether they want something serious or not, it can be difficult to discover. With an Italian you can expect gifts and compliments for no reason. Besides, they will always want to make you laugh and have a good time with you. These gentlemen are very concerned about their physical appearance and are indeed very attractive. No one resists that skin tone worthy of a good summer tan in the Mediterranean. For them, it is important that a woman be a goddess in the kitchen.

If you are in a relationship with an Italian, you should also be willing to spend time with his family. Because for them, this is a very important aspect of their lives. For this man, the time to relax and unwind is also fundamental. With him, you will most probably go frequently on vacation and completely forget your obligations.



Like the Italians, the Spanish are also known for being very handsome and seductive. Already in the 1920s, Hollywood began to make popular that image of the typical Iberian male, who was shown as a sensual and provocative man. And the truth is that physically, Spanish men represent that man with black hair, a full beard and the body of a man who works hard.

But how are they as partners? In this sense, there are certain negative aspects that stand out. Nothing can be perfect. Unlike men from northern Europe, Spaniards have the reputation of being a bit sexist. This is a characteristic present in many southern cultures.

But to remedy this, a Spanish Sugar Daddy is a man who will make you feel many times like a princess. He is a man who constantly needs physical contact and who is naturally very warm and fiery. Once you’ve started a relationship with a Spanish Sugar Daddy, he’ll show his more traditional side and want the relationship to move on to something more serious.

As we have seen, European Sugar Daddies share similarities, but they also present big differences that make them unique. What can I say? Luckily, there is a Sugar Daddy for all tastes.

And you Sugar Baby, have you ever been with a Sugar Daddy from another country? Tell us about your experience!