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Advantages of dating older men

Relationships between older men and younger women are very common. In fact, they are the most frequent type of relationship – out of every 4 marriages, 3 are like that.

In the Sugar Dating world, this trend is even more pronounced. According to our site’s statistics, Sugar Babies are on average 23 years old, and  Sugar Daddies 44. This means an age gap of 21 years on average.

One of the main reasons behind this trend is that older people are the ones who usually have a stable economic situation. Therefore, they can afford to spoil someone – but the aim of this article is another. We list here reasons to show that men are like wine:

The older, the better

Advantages of dating older men

Career Sucess

Nobody starts on top. Career is something you build step by step. It takes a long time. However, older men are already walking this path for a while. Therefore, they have more stability and financial power (Splitting bills days are over!!). Additionally, they make the best professional mentors.


One thing is undeniable: societies push women to mature faster than men. Comparing boys and girls at the same age, the first ones are often irresponsible and uninformed. Most of them are not worth it.

But over time, people acquire more maturity and experience with relationships. Isn’t it wonderful that someone understands us and offers the emotional support and stability we all need?

Older, more experienced, more interesting

Advantages of dating older men

As the years go by, people accumulate life experience. Time means more opportunities to travel, try new foods, change your career, read good books and test different restaurants. Imagine all the stories he has to tell! And the best: imagine if he decides to repeat the best of his experiences with you?!

What other advantages have you noticed in your relationships with older men?

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