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The 5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

In this article, we explained that every person has a way to express and recognize love, also known as Love Language, and briefly introduced the 5 types of love languages. Today we will focus on the people who are native of “Words of Affirmation“, the ones that love and feel loved through words.

More than “I love you”

Words of affirmation are edifying, especially if this is the main love language of a person. Here are some examples of how to make a native of this language feel loved and valued:

Encouraging words: a neon sign written 'Go up and never stop'

For a native speaker of this language, these are all ways of saying “I love you” in other words. Also, this kind of person does things with the intention of being praised. It means they can feel disappointed if they don’t get a compliment after doing something for you, or extremely hurt if they hear “it was nothing more than your obligation”.

The tone also matters

If words of affirmation are one’s primary love language, it also means that that person is more sensitive to the power of words; not only to their content and connotation but also to the tone and intention behind them. For this reason, it is important that the intentions behind the words are realistic. If it’s just to flatter, don’t say anything.

These individuals are particularly sensitive to the power of words, including the power to hurt. Orders, false and forced praise, criticism and cursing can leave deep marks on them. Even worse are words of condemnation and judgments, which can be almost fatal to their self-esteem. On the other hand, sincere excuses have great potential for effectiveness.

In summary

Direct words of affirmation: a cupcake with a 'I love you' tag

It may seem logical that all of the above-mentioned points are basic in any relationship. But unfortunately, many couples stop exchanging uplifting words and praise as soon as the conquest phase is over. Never stop verbalizing your feelings for your half! It’s free!

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