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Expressing love through Physical Touch

In this article we explain what are the 5 Love Languages and briefly describe each of them. Today we will provide further explanation on how to make a person that has the Physical Touch as his / her main Love Language feel loved.

How to express love through Physical Touch

If Physical Touch is the main love language of a person, it means that she will show love through caresses. Consequently, to feel loved, she expects that the other person treats her the same way. For this reason, natives of this love language are often called “sticky”. But, in reality, they give and receive love through affection. Touching is their main way of communicating that they like and care about someone.

physical touch between a couple: holding hands

Note that if a native of this language only receives affection for sexual purposes, he will be very dissatisfied in the medium or long term. This is the kind of person who needs affection before, during and after sex. Besides, they want everything to be spontaneous: there is nothing more irritating for them than having to ask for love and receiving an unwilling hug or kiss.

Oh yes, there is actually something worse: any kind of harsh touch, even if it does not hurt physically, is perceived with much more intensity in the emotional sense. Similarly, the lack of physical contact is guaranteed to make the relationship unbearable for the Physical Touch natives, because it makes them feel deeply rejected.

Luckily, there are hundreds of gestures that can make such people feel loved. Here are some examples:

couple dancing and practicing the physical touch

It’s practice time!

Trying different things is very important. We should not assume that what pleases us will please another person as well. Therefore, we wish you have fun in discovering what makes you and/or your partner feel more loved.