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Broken Bird Syndrome: Does Your Sugar Daddy Have It?

In our previous blog post, we talked about how and why to make your sugar daddy feel needed. When explaining that most men need to feel needed by a woman in order to feel safe in a relationship, we mentioned broken bird syndrome in passing. Now it is time to explain what it is and how to recognize it:

Broken bird syndrome

broken bird syndrome: sad woman with wings representing it


Broken bird syndrome, also known as broken wing syndrome, is informally used to refer to men and women who gravitate towards partners who need “fixing.” They are people who are emotionally unstable, financially broke or addicted to some substance. They can’t soar with their own (broken) wings, so they clearly need help.

A person with this syndrome might even leave a stable, healthy relationship for a wreck of a human being. Let’s find out why.

Broken bird syndrome: why do people have it?

broken wings syndrome man lying on floor with wings painted on it

It all goes back to what we said in last week’s blog post. Humans like to feel needed, especially men. Feeling needed by a woman makes them feel like they have a clear role in her life and can’t be just replaced by someone else in the blink of an eye. Therefore, feeling needed makes them feel safe and loved.

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This is stronger and clearer in a relationship with someone who really needs saving. It makes their partner feel like a hero. This is an asymmetrical relationship, where one is weak and frail and the other one is there to save the day.

As you might expect, this is a toxic dynamic. Firstly, because men engage in it to distract themselves from their own problems. After all, it’s easy to feel better about himself for helping someone in need despite everything else in his life going badly. Secondly, the most concerning problem is that if a man is deriving his self-esteem entirely from helping you, he won’t want you to actually fly, because that could mean flying away from him. By being in a relationship with a man with broken bird syndrome, you risk having your wings broken over and over again.

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