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What Women Want: Much More Than Expensive Handbags

What women want, like everything else, depends on each individual. There is no such thing as the one life plan that all women pursue; each woman has her own desires. But one thing is certain: every woman has goals she is working towards.

Professional success is much higher on women’s priority list than many would think. Every man and woman has talents they wish could flourish at work. Everyone wants to achieve something with their skills and reach a higher status.

In this article, we’ll talk about what success at work means for women and why status is linked to lifestyle nowadays. We’ll also explain what women expect from men in this respect.

What women want โ€” for themselves

women want more: woman researching on laptop

First, let’s take a look at how professional success and achieving a higher status are important to women.

Career is a marathon, not a sprint

Being successful, getting recognition and feeling that you can achieve and make a difference yourself is an incredibly great feeling. This is exactly the feeling associated with career success. Most women โ€” just like many men โ€” want to achieve something in their professional life. Some dream of becoming the best lawyer, others want to run their own business. Whatever it is, women have professional goals. In this regard, it is important to many to see how they contribute to the advancement of the company in which they work.

Although men and women work in the same jobs, it’s no secret that women still tend to be paid less than their male counterparts. Every year, Equal Pay Day draws attention to this fact. It takes place on the day until which women would, in purely mathematical terms, work unpaid due to the gender pay gap, whereas men are paid from the first day of the year. So the earlier the date, the smaller the gender pay gap. The day is celebrated on different days in different countries. This year, for example, it was celebrated in Germany on March 10, in Austria already on February 21 and in Switzerland on February 20. In the US, it was a few days ago, on March 24.

Women want self-realization

women want self-realization

Some women turn their vocation into a profession. They want to realize themselves in the job and live out and promote their own talents in the best possible way. This gives work a completely different meaning than just earning a living. However, not all women have this expectation of their job. What is most important to them is that they see a purpose in their work. Because it is very fulfilling and satisfying.


Status and lifestyle

women want lavish breakfast table near luxurious pool

To talk about how important status is to women, let’s first clarify what status means in the first place. It stands for education, income and professional status. Generally, women attach importance to having a certain status. However, it depends on the woman how high the status is on her priority list in life.

Status is also always associated with a kind of lifestyle. For example, those who are very successful in their jobs can usually enjoy a high income and afford a sophisticated lifestyle. And don’t we all dream of a life of luxury? Experiencing an upscale lifestyle is definitely the dream of numerous women. They dream of exquisite experiences and of simply having a good time and enjoying life. And that is only possible if you yourself or your partner has reached a high status.

What they want โ€” in men

What do women find attractive in men when it comes to career and status?

Many women find education and professional success extremely attractive in men. As we saw above, education and success at work are both part of status. So status makes you attractive. When a man has success at work, it shows that he is independent and self-reliant, because he has achieved something on his own. These are also qualities that women like in men.

women want a man like this, successful working at work on his laptop

Of course, status and professional success are not everything: being caring, gentle, open and having the right sense of humor and the same values in life are at least as important when it comes to whether a woman finds a man attractive. And these are just some of the qualities that women value.

So when it comes to what women want, professional success and status play a role, as we have now learned. And that both in their own lives and with the men they want to be with. Nevertheless, it must be said that career alone is not everything and will not make any woman happy.

Here, the so well-known work-life balance is the keyword. Because they want to enjoy their lives. They have other dreams and goals besides realizing their talents through work. Some want to take a trip around the world, see the most exotic places and travel to the farthest countries. Or they dream of finding the man for life they want to experience everything with. Women are individuals. What they want is as unique as they are.

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