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Sugar Daddy Archetypes: What’s The Right One For You?

Every sugar relationship is as unique as the people who are part of it. However, when looking for a prospect sugar daddy, it’s important to know what role you want him to play in your life. To help you gain clarity on that, we’ve listed the 5 most common sugar daddy archetypes according to our experience in the sugar bowl:

The main 5 sugar daddy archetypes

Archetypes are general categories used by society to understand the world. They are part of our collective mind and help us categorize different kinds of people, for example. We’ll be using them here to identify different roles sugar daddies can play in a sugar relationship.

So, what sugar daddy archetypes are there? Having analyzed the sugar bowl, we’ve identified 5 different archetypes: the lover, the sponsor, the mentor, the father and the friend. 

You probably have a vague notion of how each one of them could look like. Nonetheless, we’ll be describing them at length below to dispel any doubts:

Sugar daddy archetype 1: the lover

Compared to all others, this is the sugar daddy (SD) you can have the most fun with. Also known as the non-committal SD, he is dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest, preferably in good company.

lover sugar daddy archetype making out with his sugar baby

He is fascinated by women and desires to always have them around. For this reason, he isn’t after commitment, as he wants to stay open to options. He is also flexible, ready to adapt to any person or situation.

In other words, this SD is about passion and good moments. On his side, a sugar baby can truly enjoy the moment.

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Archetype 2: the sponsor

girl working with laptop from her sponsor

Many sugar babies are looking for a better life. They want to live their dreams and achieve their goals. However, they don’t have the means to fund their personal projects come true. What can be done in such a case? Seek help! From whom? Of course, a sponsor can be the solution! 

There are SDs out there willing to play this role. A sponsor, as you can imagine, can have a very positive impact on your life. He’ll be there to offer the financial support that will enable you to overcome any obstacle. He derives satisfaction from helping you make all your dreams come true. He’s a true gentleman!

Archetype 3: the mentor

sugar daddy in office waiting for her mentor

Wouldn’t you love to have someone who would help you with establishing your career? Someone who has the right contacts that would grant you a great start? Then you are looking for an SD who can act as your mentor. 

A mentor is someone who wants to share the knowledge they acquired along their career path. Usually, it’s a successful man constantly busy with his many goals and projects. It’s a huge stroke of luck to find such an SD, who can bring you a lot of added value. He will guarantee you an independent life with a luxurious, exclusive lifestyle. 

This is the SD you should aim for if you consider yourself to be ambitious 😉

Archetype 4: the father

sd and sb who are like father and daughter looking at lake

On the one side, there are young women who didn’t have a particularly good relationship with their father. Some didn’t even have one growing up. This kind of experience leaves deep scars. 

On the other hand, there are many men who didn’t have the opportunity to have a daughter. This can be the case for many reasons. Success has indeed many advantages, but it requires sacrifices. Particularly among SDs, who stand out for their dedication to their career, a common sacrifice is not ever starting a family. They simply don’t have the time for it and make a conscious choice against it. 

SDs and sugar babies who missed out on these experiences can create them in a sugar relationship. The SD can play the role of a father in his sugar baby’s life, healing many old wounds in the process.  

That’s very noble if you ask me.

Archetype 5: the friend

Friendships are very important in life. Actually, it’s hard to picture it without them, don’t you agree? Of course there are some people who prefer to be alone. But they tend to be the minority.  

sugar daddy hanging out with sugar baby as friend

A SD can also become a great friend. There are many kinds of friends, but a good friend is the one who’s there for you when you most need him. He also always has the best pieces of advice.

Talking about advice, you can learn how to be a better listener (and, therefore, a better friend, from this article on active listening published here some weeks ago.

People like that aren’t easy to find because it takes maturity. And, if we are being honest here, where do you find mature men your age? Unfortunately, that’s a tall order. Maturity and wisdom come with age. This has always been like this and probably won’t change soon. And that’s why sugar daddies make for great friends.

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There is a broad variety of sugar daddies. It would be nearly impossible to fit them all into the same category since it depends largely on their personality and reasons for joining the sugar bowl.

A sugar daddy can also play many roles in your life. What sugar daddy archetypes suits your needs best?