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Who Should Pay on the First Date in Other Countries?

The world changes, times change and people change, but did the tradition of men paying on the first date also change? Today, we are going to take a little trip through different cultures and to find out who should pay on the first date.

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In the past, in most cultures, it was normal for men to be not only extremely chivalrous but also to pay all the expenses on the first and posterior dates. Men were supposed to pick up the girl at her place, open the car door for her, help her out of the car and to her chair at the restaurant. In other words, the woman was always treated like a lady and the man acted like Prince Charming around her.

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Today, it is still the same or very similar in some countries. But in others, things have changed and it is important to be well informed in case your date is with someone who does not come from the same culture as you. 

Let’s start with some countries in the old continent… 


who should pay for the date couple on first date beside canal

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Who should pay the bill on the first date in Spain

Spain is a country that has been changing for quite a while. As women have become more empowered, more women prefer to pay their half. But it is still important that you offer to pay, so you can also show her your interest. If she flatly refuses, then you can share the bill. 


Italy has always been a more conservative country and the same thing happens as in Spain. Most women prefer to split. However, they tend to let the man pay for the first date if he offers to. 

couple talking about who should pay for the first date at cafe


When dating a German woman, you should keep in mind that the majority of women in this country prefer to pay for what they consume. Interestingly, men like it and sometimes expect it! For this reason, it is very normal to be asked if you want to split the bill.

So don’t be surprised if the woman tells you she’ll be paying her half and insist to do so. But you can insist too and that will usually be fine 😉


In Poland, the tradition of men paying the bill on the first date is more prevalent. So don’t hesitate to insist on paying for dinner. 

Let’s move on to the American continent:

Latin America 


Most Mexican girls expect their prince charming to pick up the tab on the first date. Not only that, also on a few more of the following dates. They really like attentive and chivalrous men. You can score extra points if you arrive with some roses or romantic gifts. 


In Colombia, things have changed, but the guy is still expected to be the one who pays the bill. Women tend to ask to pay the second bill and if they see each other more often, they can talk openly about splitting the bills. 


Chilean women are a little more advanced in this independence thing. Many of them prefer to pay for what they had, but others prefer to be invited, so offer to pay nonetheless. 


In terms of dating, Argentina and Chile are very similar. If you want to attract the attention of a pretty Argentinean, you must be thoughtful and offer to pick up the tab.


And, finally, let’s move on to the United States:

Who pays the bill in the US depends on the state

We all know that the United States is very big and culturally diverse. Normally in Florida and California, it is the man who always has to pay, besides picking up the girl at home and bringing her back.

In New York, for example, it is also customary for the man to pay the check alone, but each one gets to the restaurant on their own.

It is generally better for the man to offer to pay the bill so that he can make a better impression. 

Conclusion: in case you aren’t sure who should pay on the first date

If you don’t know much about the culture of the girl you are going out with, we recommend that you do some reading and keep a very open mind in case the traditions are very different from yours. 

We also want to remind you that a gentleman is a gentleman no matter where you are in the world, so respect is the most important thing to make a good impression. We also recommend that you break the ice directly and offer to pay the check so that the awkward moment is over and the woman can choose if she wants to pay her half.

If you would like to gracefully ask to split the check, watch this video: