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Flirting Personalities: How Men Flirt

If you’re looking for a sugar baby, flirting is probably part of your everyday life. Being so, chances are that you have developed a specific way of flirting over time. Are you aware of how you flirt? We noticed some trends and put together the most common flirting personalities for men. Which one describes you or your sugar daddy best?

The main male flirting personalities

We recognized and defined the top five flirting personalities here.

However, it’s important to emphasize that none of them is better than the other. Their success rate depends on your delivery and the women you approach. Let’s start with the one that tends to get more attention.

The playful one

playful sugar daddy flirting with sugar baby

What does a playful guy do? Exactly, he loves to play. It’s in his nature, so to speak. He finds it difficult to take things seriously. The fun is always in the foreground and he lets himself be guided by this. In other words, he moves from one girl to the next.

Every relationship he has is colored by this tendency. She seeks pleasure and a good time. He is flexible and does not seek a stable relationship. Adventure and following his desires bring him joy.

His flirting style reflects these characteristics. It is not only about flirtation, it is a conquest, a challenge! Therefore, he does everything to reach his goal. He is very charismatic and knows what women want to hear.

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The serious one

This guy is the complete opposite of the playful one. The name already says it all. One-night stands and fleeting moments of pleasure are not part of his interests.

The serious one seeks a stable relationship with a woman. He seeks closeness and emotional connection. He wants someone who shares the same interests as him.

For these reasons, he flirts in a different way. He can be charismatic, no doubt. However, conversations are guided by his ambitions, interests and goals in life. After all, he wants to establish a lasting relationship and be sure he’s found the one.

The polite one

polite sugar daddy flirting

You certainly know someone who is incredibly polite, even when flirting. This type is very common and can be found in almost any social circle.

One of the main characteristics of this type is the tendency to apologize frequently and enquire very carefully about anything. Every question ends with an “if I may ask.” He wants to make sure you feel safe and relaxed around him.

Harmony is his highest value. He definitely makes a good first impression, but some girls may misinterpret his politeness and consider him too uptight or insecure. Personal values play a very important role for him. This flirting personality is characterized by being well educated and trustworthy.

What he pursues is completely different than the playful one. He avoids adventures and short-term arrangements. Instead, he wants a romantic relationship. He takes things seriously but tries to maintain and establish a warm atmosphere. This is the perfect flirting type for a sugar daddy if you ask me.

The touch-oriented one

touchy sugar daddy flirting with sugar baby

Physical contact is the reason behind his actions. Deep conversations are not his style. He seeks closeness, intimacy and warmth. This type of man wants things to get physical.

He lets himself be carried away by the passion he feels inside. His need is based on satisfying that desire. Chemistry is the factor that matters most to him. He can’t do without it.

The traditional one

A gentleman of the old school. He is similar to the polite one. His reasons for flirting with a woman are, in fact, the same. He is looking for a romantic and long-lasting relationship. Therefore, he doesn’t want a simple fling. He is out there in search of the one.

Unlike the previous flirting type, the traditional one follows the old flirting schemes. That is to say, the man must take the first step. He wants to be the strong and dominant one. To him, women are delicate flowers. This is how the traditional one sees relationships.

sugar daddy holding sugar baby's hand while having coffee

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