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Jealousy: The Silent Poison to Relationships โ€” What to do about it

Jealousy can happen in any relationship. It’s a very unpleasant and bitter feeling most people are somewhat familiar with. Being so, everyone tries to eliminate it or avoid it from the beginning. Whether they succeed or not is another question. Can jealousy alone, without actual cheating, destroy a relationship?

Every sugar daddy and sugar baby has had to deal with this issue at some point. It is quite normal because feelings are volatile. Especially when it comes to feelings of love, we are very sensitive. The reactions vary depending on the person, but the pain remains the same.

Jealousy: what is it?

jealousy being experienced by sugar baby looking up on bed

As mentioned earlier, jealousy is an emotion. A painful one with a bitter aftertaste. It is a wounding of the feelings caused by the actions of one’s partner.

In the most cases, it is a response to the meaning the person experiencing the jealousy attaches to something their partner did. What was just a friendly gestured can be completely misinterpreted. So much can be read between the lines. That’s where the problems start.

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How can you recognize jealousy?

It is quite easy to recognize. You don’t need much for it, because the expressions are quite clear. Take the following example.

Let’s say your partner is planning a trip to the beach with both male and female friends. How would you react?

Did you feel some stinging in your chest? No? Then you are probably not a jealous person. You belong to the self-confident people!

What would a jealous person experience in this situation?

Jealousy: what can you do about it?

Everybody has to decide on their own if they want to get rid of their own jealousy. It is difficult because it is a protection mechanism. It’s a kind of instinct to get rid of anything that could stand between you, your partner and your happiness.

And, finally, what can you do if your partner is jealous?

Our tips:

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