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Men in these 10 professions cheat the most

Judging by most tv shows about relationships, wherever power, influence and money meet, infidelity thrives. This often happens in the work sphere. But is there a profession — or several — where men cheat the most? Yes!

As it turns out, the loyalty of a partner is influenced by, among others, his profession and the environment in which he finds himself, and men with certain jobs are more likely to cheat. Read on to find out which ones.

Cheating is the most common in the workplace

Why? First, we spend a lot of time at work. Most of us spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week working. It is an integral part of most people’s lives.

Secondly, there, we meet the same people every day, we take part in company events and team-building trips with them, which contributes to the creation of close relations.

Another contributing factor is that, at work, we try to look attractive, which increases the likelihood that we will become someone’s object of interest or someone will catch our eye.

Fourthly, such an affair rarely comes to light, because everything happens in the workplace.

So… men in which professions cheat the most?

Here are the professions in which men are most likely to cheat:

#1 Sales

As many as 29 percent of the men working in sales admitted that they have the opportunity to cheat. This is not at all about small salesmen and sales clerks, but about people at a higher level of the workforce.

These guys spend whole days sacrificing themselves for the company, so they have no problem finding an excuse. Being a salesman is very often associated with frequent trips away from home. It is not difficult to get into an affair when we don’t really have an acquaintance behind our backs and we don’t have to be afraid that our wife will find out about our adventures.

#2 IT

man on laptop representing one of the professions where men cheat the most

For most of us, IT work is associated with boredom. Perhaps that’s why employees of this industry crave adrenaline in relationships. Very often, however, IT people cope by starting a passionate romance with a friend at work.

As it turns out, people in this profession are not always willing to experiment with their regular partners, as 12 percent of cheaters are men working in IT.

#3 Finance (bankers, brokers, analysts, etc.)

According to Alduan Tartt, a well-known American psychologist, high income, frequent travel and contact with attractive people at work are factors that encourage infidelity. These three criteria are met by people from the financial sector. These men are the most likely to cheat on their partners.

Theoretically, they are only boring accountants or analysts, but office work is often spiced up by cheating on their chosen one.

pilots in their cockpit representing one of the jobs where men cheat the most

#4 Aviation

It turns out that people who work above the ground have a considerable problem with keeping their loyalty to their partner. Frequent airplane flying carries the risk of disaster, so perhaps an affair is the best way for them to relieve stress.

#5 Health care

male nurse in scrubs

As you know, being a doctor is a tough job, he or she has to be ready to work practically always. The night shift is certainly very exhausting for them, but it turns out that for some it is also a good cover.

Infidelity in the hospital? Is it possible? It turns out to be possible. Many women cannot resist doctors. The power of personal charm combined with authority makes the representatives of this profession 5% of cheating men.

After all, don’t scrubs stimulate everyone’s imagination?

#6 Business

Fidelity is also not a strength of people in the business world. Business owners focus on professional success and often neglect their partners.

As research shows, they have many fleeting acquaintances. Bosses and managers tend to be perceived as false, sneaky and egocentric people. Maybe there is actually some truth to this? People with such qualities have no scruples about cheating on their partners.

It is also largely assumed that the boss of a large company always has a lover and is usually his secretary. Taking into account the relationship between power and money, it can be concluded that this is not a stereotype… Some entrepreneurs think nothing can limit them. Just like they approach their own company, they approach their sex life.

#7 Sports

woman exercising under supervision of a male personal trainer

Physical activity increases the level of testosterone and happiness hormone in the blood, which exacerbates the appetite for sex. Besides, many women dream of strengthening their ties with their beautifully sculpted personal trainer. The fact that people from the sports industry are high on the list is quite obvious.

#8 Arts (musicians, models, actors, photographers, etc.)

This is the industry with the highest number of break-ups and divorces, so its appearance on the list is not surprising. Many romances were born on a film set. On the other hand, models often travel and take part in parties full of beautiful people, which increases the risk of infidelity.

#9 The media

People working in the media get to know a lot of people every day and lead an active lifestyle where they receive a lot of attention, which increases the risk of cheating. In addition, they have irregular working hours, so they can easily hide their escapades.

#10 Law

It turns out that even legal professionals do not always uphold morals, although many of us naively believe that they are models of all virtues.

Frequent contact with people helps to get to know new people and, as the statistics show, they sometimes don’t resist. A judge who passes judgments and after the trial betrays his wife is a little disappointing to say the least. It is comforting that this sector is at the end of the list… At least they will be able to defend themselves when their wife files for divorce.

In a nutshell

Cheating takes place more and more often in the workplace, which is number one in the ranking of the ideal place for extramarital relationships!

There are always plenty of opportunities to start an office romance. We spend at least eight hours a day at work, which is 1/3 of our lives! So there is nothing unusual about it, that it is here that romance, extra-marital or not, is born.

Work and business trips are a great sexual temptation for many people. The office, and generally work, is the place where most short-term extramarital relationships are formed, which can have very unpleasant consequences.

Official surveys clearly show that men working under great psychophysical pressure and operating in professional sectors that require frequent traveling are the most common offenders. Business trips are the biggest temptation — and, for sugar babies, the best way to travel free with their sugar daddies 😉