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Have you been oversleeping? Here’s what you can do

Do you wake up late every morning? Does that make you feel frustrated with yourself every time? Is oversleeping making your life harder? Here we will explain some measures you can take to normalize your sleep schedule and eliminate this source of daily frustration. But first things first:

Oversleeping: how much sleep is too much?

woman oversleeping with a pillow on her head and holding her glasses

I did my research on the ideal sleep length to no avail. Scientists seem not to agree on how much sleep a person needs. The reason behind it is that the ideal amount of sleep is mostly determined by genetic factors. It could be anything between 5 and 8.5 hours per day. So how do you know if you have been oversleeping?

The rule of thumb for what qualifies as oversleeping is consistently sleeping over 9 hours, so way beyond average. The reason why consistently was emphasized is that it is perfectly fine to catch up on sleep whenever the opportunity arises, such as on the weekend. However, sleeping long every day is a reason for concern.

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Why am I oversleeping? What can I do about it?


There are many reasons why you might be oversleeping. Here are the main ones:

You can learn more about it from this 5-min long video.

We hope our tips helped you rethink what you can do about oversleeping and wish you a wonderful night of sleep!

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