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Concentration: how to increase it through diet?

Do you know the tired feeling that hits you after lunch? Does it make your office work less productive in the afternoon hours? Or the feeling of not being able to concentrate as much as you would like while studying? Of course coffee could help, but many studies say that these problems with concentration can easily be solved by making small changes in your diet. That is why today we will look at which are the best strategies to alleviate or even solve these problems.

The importance of the hormone insulin for concentration

Drowsiness after lunch is often the result of the release of a large amount of the hormone insulin after a sugar- and carbohydrate-rich meal with a high blood sugar level.

girl who has lost her concentration at work and is dozing off

Insulin is in fact a hormone produced by our pancreas, which has the function of removing sugar from the blood and introducing it into the cells. During this process our body is in accumulation mode and the functions reserved for energy use are temporarily reduced.

Is it possible to solve this problem? Yes, of course.

As we have seen, the release of insulin is closely related to the high sugar content in the meal. Therefore, a meal based on protein, fat and vegetables would be ideal for eating at the office or before a class, as it wouldn’t cause such drowsiness. For this reason, it is better to reserve the intake of simple carbohydrates in the evening when we can finally afford to relax on the couch.

Keep hydrated

Since our body is made up of about 60% water and our brain 80% water, it is clear that good hydration is essential to ensure that our body functions optimally. In fact, water has many important functions in our body. One of them is the transport of oxygen and carbohydrates to our brain. For this reason, despite a low level of dehydration, it can temporarily impair these functions.

Thirst by itself is already a symptom of dehydration, as is hunger. In fact, we are often not able to distinguish between the two needs well, but it is always ideal to drink water at regular intervals. It is important not to consider other drinks such as Coca-Cola or fruit juices as a substitute for water. Coffee also contains water, but its dehydrating function does not help us hydrate.

If you regularly consume sugary drinks and try to replace them with plain water, you will immediately notice an increase in your concentration.

Other important nutrients to increase concentration

Berries, for example, are important food to keep our brain function intact. They contain high concentrations of flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help keep the entire circulation healthy. These antioxidants are also present in dark chocolate, which contains 70% or more cocoa.

examples of food that increase concentration

Due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids, fish should also be eaten regularly. These are indeed indispensable for the proper functioning of neuronal structures.

Another food rich in omega-3 is dried fruit (such as nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.), which also contain important minerals and vitamins such as vitamin E, which are useful in preventing oxidative stress that causes brain cells to age.

Your body deserves it!

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby often need to stay concentrated for several hours, either for professional or educational reasons. By following these simple nutritional tips, you can achieve excellent results from this point of view! A healthy lifestyle and a sufficient number of hours of sleep are the perfect addition.

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