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How to use your time in quarantine meaningfully

At this time of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, we are living a unique moment in our lives. A moment of much reflection on our habits that can be marked as before and after the quarantine. With shops, bars and universities closed, most people are stuck at home. But how can we be productive at home in these days where we’ve got almost too much spare time in our hands?

1 Show empathy and love for the people around you!

sisters hugging each other during quarantine time

At a time of so much sad news and fear everywhere, our first tip is to spread love and empathy, especially to those who live with you.

Also, take a deep breath, have more patience and respect for each other’s feelings and space.

This period will end eventually. There’s nothing better than to take with you good memories of the moment you faced this critical time together.

For those dear to you whom you can’t visit for now, it is also time to be present regardless of the physical distance. Be it through kind messages or even gifts that can be bought online and delivered all over the world.

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2 Create your motivational routine! A new life begins with every morning!

Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning can give you a little push to maintain a routine of good morning habits that can transform your life for the better. The author is convinced that the way we wake up and start our day totally reflects itself onto the life we lead.

He suggests a daily morning routine that consists of 5 short activities to be done before starting your day’s regular tasks:

girl writing in her journal during quarantine time
  1. Silence/Meditation: 5 to 10 minutes of silence in the morning can calm your mind, help you gain clarity and focus and increase self-awareness. Alternatively, you can also start your morning with gratitude for everything in your life such as health, family, friends and even material things.
  2. Affirmations for 5 minutes: make positive statements about something you want. By doing this repeatedly, they will be recorded in your subconscious, and will result in deep changes in your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. For example, if you want to move from one city to another your statement could be: In up to 3 months I will be living in a very cozy apartment in that neighborhood that I love. Read them aloud every morning and dedicate yourself to this new goal.
  3. Visualizations for 5 minutes: often used by athletes, this technique consists of imagining yourself achieving your current goals. Imagine yourself already having the results you want to get, like already having that degree.
  4. Physical exercise for 10 to 20 minutes: the practice of exercises in the morning, even if in a short time will increase your mood, self-confidence, concentration, mental clarity and will bring improvement to your health. It can be even a small series of exercises, yoga, stretching or a short walk. This should not interfere with your normal schedule of physical activity during the week.
  5. Reading for 15 to 20 minutes: reading is the best way to acquire knowledge in pursuit of your goals. Imagine how many ideas from the best experts in the world you could absorb by devoting just a few minutes of your day to reading!

I assure you that I have already achieved many goals using this technique, I am sure you will too!

Have discipline, schedule activities for the week and stick with your plans.

It is important that you follow a schedule of your day’s activities, such as organizing the house, tidying up your wardrobe, studying, reading books, doing exercises, etc. This way you will be much more productive, focused and will not waste time on superficial things.

3 Learn something new

Most universities offer online courses in almost all areas. Isn’t it time to take advantage and invest in your knowledge? One of the online platforms I’d highly suggest is Coursera, which offers both paid and free courses.

4 Dedicate time to moments of fun and relaxation

girl spending time during quarantine by laughing and eating popcorn while holding a tv remote

Watching series, talking to friends and laughing is fundamental. We need these activities as human beings. If you’re feeling lonely, look for interesting people who have habits similar to yours on dating websites like ours. It might be a good time to meet new people online.

5 Take care of yourself!

Being at home you can better control what you eat or how much water you drink. So it’s time to finally follow your diet and make adjustments so that it feels right to you.

Also, enjoy those beauty products you bought and did not have time to use. Bathe your hair in creams, use scrubs, clay masks, etc.

6 Clean and organize your stuff so that the positive energy can flow

An organized house attracts positive influences, so says the ancient Feng shui technique. So use it in your favor: organize accounts into folders. Take pieces that you no longer wear out of your wardrobe. Also, clean the data from your cell phone, saving the pictures on an external HD, etc.

We hope you get inspired by these tips and can focus on the bright side of this moment in your life!