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The 5 Love Languages: Gifts

Gifts are a universal way of providing joy. However, the intensity of the emotion caused by them varies from person to person. The reason is simple: as we explained in our first article about the 5 Love Languages, each person is more sensitive to one way of expressing love than the others.

For instance, there are people who value a hug (physical touch), exclusive attention (quality time), compliments (words of affirmation) or a favor (acts of service) more than a gift.

But today we will give some tips on how to make the natives of the “Gifts” Love Language to feel more loved than ever.

How to recognize that Gifts is her/his primary Love Language

A small gift

It is not difficult to recognize a person whose main love language is gifts. She will never come empty-handed when invited to a party. Even if she doesn’t have the money to buy an expensive present, she will still invest a lot of time thinking about what to give and will pack the gift with great care and affection.

If a person cares so much about pleasing other people with gifts, it means that she would also like others to devote themselves to the art of giving gifts in the same way. This is the kind of person who rejoices immensely when they receive a souvenir, their favorite chocolate or something like that.

Keep in mind: we often express love in the same way you would like to receive it.

Choosing the perfect gift

A woman receiving flowers as a gift

Remember the golden rule: “It’s the thought that counts”. The same way a gift that matches them perfectly can flatter the gifts natives, a gift that has nothing to do with them might really offend them.

The best thing is to show that you know and respect her tastes. The fact that you thought about the person when you bought the gift is way more important to them than the monetary value of the gift itself.

Gifts that everybody likes: A box of macaroons.

More tips to please the gifts natives:

Is Gifts your Love Language?? Tell us which was the best gift you ever received and why!

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