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The 5 Love Languages: Quality Time Explained

In the last posts, we talked about the 5 Love Languages and how to find out what yours is. We also dedicated posts to physical touch, words of affirmation and acts of service. Today, the topic is quality time, one of the most abstract of them. But don’t worry! I promise to explain it as concretely as possible!

Quality time = Full attention

From the title, you can already guess: quality time is nothing but dedicating your exclusive attention to the person you love. Especially in a world full of distractions, focusing on just one person is quite difficult. However, it can be exactly what they want and value most of all.

Here are some examples of what to do to express love in this language:

A couple spending quality time together at the beach. They are dining by candlelight.

In summary…

Quality time is mutual and exclusive dedication. Therefore, we could also call this language quality attention, since it is exactly the quality of it that will determine how loved your partner will feel. However, it is important that both of you really want to be spending such time together. I mean, going out with someone who’s moody and complaining is not good for anyone!

If you follow these tips, you will most likely create memories of special moments together that will never be forgotten. Demonstrate that you value every minute with her/him. It’s free and will certainly make your other half of the orange feel good.

casal passando tempo de qualidade apreciando paisagem montanhosa

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