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What is Lovable about Loneliness

So much has been said and written about these times of quarantine. Our blog is no exception: we’ve published articles about how to spend your time in quarantine meaningfully, to get to know new people and to date during the quarantine. Do you know why? I dare think I do: we are all collectively trying to evade our inner state of loneliness. And I think this should stop. This is why:

girl depressed about her loneliness

We’re all so lost and confused

Aren’t you tired of hearing people telling you (or you telling yourself, as we explained in our post on self-imposed productivity) what to do with your time, especially during the lockdown?

We are all in a completely new situation that no generation has been through, so we don’t have any experience to draw from. For this reason, we feel disorientated and perhaps even afraid. And when we are confused and scared, it is natural to yearn for direction from someone who at least appears to be wiser and more experienced than us.

But the question is: have you stopped to listen within? Do you even know how to do it? Chances are you can’t. If you asked me why, I’d say it’s because…

We fear loneliness

woman screaming out of loneliness

Almost everything we do is done as an attempt to escape from the loneliness that lurks inside us. Every time we use our smartphones. Every minute we spend watching a video or tv series. Every time we meet up with a friend. What would happen if you went to a park and sat on a bench without having your phone on you? What if you spent a day in your apartment without internet access? Would you go crazy? Do you know what I think would happen? Your inner voice would start shouting.

What would it shout? Your needs. Your dreams. And by that I don’t mean the dreams society told you you should aspire for. Your true self would become more visible and call your attention to the things you aren’t doing because you are too busy distracting yourself from yourself. Because, as Borja Vilaseca explains in this amazing talk (highly recommended to all Spanish speakers out there), you are the loneliness within. Therefore, there’s so much you could learn from it, like your true desires.