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Mirror Selfies: Are They Good for Your Sugar Dating Profile? 🤳 😳

Your sugaring profile is like a visit card. Even more than that, since usually, in the real world, first you make a first impression, then you leave your visit cart so that people can stay in touch. So how can you create a profile that makes sugar daddies want to learn more about you and even invite you for an M&G? Do mirror selfies have a positive or negative impact on your chances of starting a serious sugar relationship?

We’ve talked to a number of sugar daddies from our community and came to the following conclusion:

Plus: how do you take the perfect mirror selfie?

Mirror selfies: Not all mirror selfies are equal

A mirror selfie on its own is very unlikely to ruin your chances of scoring an amazing sugar daddy. The problem is not the kind of selfie, but how bad or good it is.

mirror selfies of woman on yellow armchair
Example of a good mirror selfie.

Here are the main mistakes to avoid when taking one:

The biggest mirror selfie mistakes

#1 The wrong background

No matter how stunning you might look in that mirror selfie, there are some things that simply can’t be overlooked. Among them are unflushed toilets, kids, random people, sex toys, piles of dirty laundry — just to name a few.

mirror selfies with messy room in the background

#2 Dirty mirror

If we are talking about first impressions, potential sugar daddies might not only judge you on the look of the picture’s background but also on the cleanliness of the mirror itself.

#3 The wrong clothes

As you might remember from this post on bikini photos and sugar baby profiles, most sugar daddies prefer bikini photos taken somewhere you’d normally be seen wearing a bikini, such as near a pool, lake or the sea.

Therefore, some SD’s find bikini mirror selfies unattractive. One of them even said they give the profile a “desperate” look.

Mirror selfies: The secrets to the perfect one

mirror selfies example of good mirror selfie

Do you know what’s even better than that? Actually taking the time to replace them with nice pictures taken with the help of a tripod or friend.

The more time you invest in creating a great sugar dating profile, the better the first impression you’ll make!