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Erotic Games: The End of Bedroom Boredom

Everybody wants the temperature in the bedroom to stay high past the honeymoon phase. Erotic games are an effective tool to eliminate the routine and spice up things a bit… or a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

That does not necessarily imply a high investment. Good communication and ingenuity can go a long way if combined with passion and open minds. There is so much new territory you can explore with your partner! Here are our top tips on how to get started:

woman playing one of the most popular erotic games strip poker

Strip poker

Strip poker is one of the most popular erotic games, capable of making the sexy atmosphere in the bedroom even more exciting. In this game, it isn’t money that is at stake, but clothes. The game ends when one player โ€” or all but one, depending on the number of participants โ€” has nothing else to take off. It’s an amazing way to tease your partner and enjoy the sexual tension between the two of you until you can’t hold back anymore.

Don’t you know how to play poker? Check this out.

woman playing one of the most popular erotic games blindfolded

Sex in the dark

I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person. However, variety is the spice of life. Having that in mind, I’d recommend trying a classic: wearing a blindfold.

This is going to stimulate all your other senses! Everything will feel more intense thanks to the darkness. You can explore your partner’s body with your lips and hands and be surprised by unexpected maneuvers. You won’t know where so much pleasure is coming from. Try it and โ€” pardon the pun โ€” see it for yourself.

Throw the dices

This is one of the simplest and cheapest sex games. All you need is special dices to play it. Usually, there are verbs on one dice (lick, touch, massage, caress, etc.) and body parts on the other. Some have different sexual positions on one and different places of the house in the other.


Role-playing allows you to fulfill desires and fantasies. Your imagination is the only limit. You are free to choose from a wide range of scenarios and characters. Each participant plays a specific role (for example, boss or secretary). One of the coolest things about it is that you also can play a completely different role from everyday life to experience something more exciting.

Be creative, rediscover yourself and your sexuality. Set up an erotic storyline together, which will end in hot sex. Try to gradually build up tension, just like in a good movie.

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Ice cubes

erotic game with ice cubes

During sex you can play erotic games in many ways, including stimulating yourself with hot or cold toys. They provide a truly unforgettable feeling, especially in the erogenous zones and often help to achieve orgasm.

The pleasure of stroking someone’s skin with an ice cube was probably discovered by lovers who had champagne served in an ice bucket to their hotel room. The icy cold triggers intense tingling, as the sudden change of temperature causes the blood vessels to contract. Norepinephrine is secreted in the body, which is supposed to suppress the pain, but, in this case, increases the excitement. It works even better if one isn’t expecting the rush of pleasure ๐Ÿ˜‰ Get the blindfold ready!

The temperature change can be a great way to try out new sensations and increase sensitivity. ANOTHER TIP: let the ice cube melt slightly in your fingers and then start wandering around her body. This mixture of hot and cold can really stimulate her senses.

Body painting

couple playing erotic games

This is the perfect mix of creativity and foreplay. It’s a very intimate game, with the potential of strengthening the emotional bonds between partners in a very special way.

As the name suggests, both people undress and paint each other’s body. However, it’s not about creating real masterpieces. The main purpose of this erotic game is to enjoy the feeling of the brush on the skin and tease your partner while drawing all over their body… and then licking everything off. Paints can be found in different colors, flavors and even with aphrodisiacs.

Which idea did you like best? Let your partner know and try them in the bedroom!