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What’s “RINSING” and is it necessarily BAD?

Many sugar daddies avoid “rinser” sugar babies at any cost. However, some sugar dating websites (including MySugardaddy up until late 2020) list “rinsing” as an answer to the question “what are you interested in?” That is often the first time people stumble upon this expression and look it up. This is where we come in to help you!

What the hell is rinsing?

Rinsing refers to a practice illustrated by the following situation:

girl holding bag received by rinsing

A sugar daddy wants to please his sugar baby. He asks her how. She answers with a list of possible gifts. He, generous as he is, orders them for her or gives her a gift card, and she, as a form of thanks, beautiful and smart as she is, sends him photos of her posing with and/or wearing said gifts. And yes, we are talking about sexy pictures.

Genius, isn’t it? There are a lot of sugar daddies out there who like to please their girls with presents and to get pictures in return. Besides, the benefit to the sugar baby is obvious. However, for some, rinsing has gained a bad reputation.

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What is a rinser Sugar Baby?

Rinsing is part of any healthy sugar relationship. However, knowing this, many people entered the business just to abuse the generosity of the SDs, that is, solely to give them false hopes and disappear as soon as he shows interest in meeting in person or other things that are part of any regular relationship.

Rinsers are people who pass themselves off as SBs interested in a mutually beneficial relationship — the main characteristic of sugar relationships — to take advantage of SDs.

Things rinsers do

Typical rinser behavior is:

girl disappointed about unheard complaints

If you have good reasons to believe that you are talking to a rinser, report it! They are the ones who give sugar relationships a bad name.

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