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The Perfect Sugar Baby: First Date

First encounters are always a little uncomfortable. Butterflies in the stomach, some shame and not knowing what to talk about? All this is very normal. But how to be the perfect sugar baby on your first date with a sugar daddy? Here are some tips for you to be successful from the start 😉

The perfect sugar baby is calm on her first date

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. A successful conversation with a sugar daddy depends on your spontaneity and ease. When we get very tense during a conversation, we end up focusing only on what we are going to say, so we end up not listening properly to the other person. Big mistake.

After all, a good conversation depends on interaction and attention from both parties. So take a deep breath, relax and trust yourself! When we are interested in the other person, conversation topics come naturally.

The perfect sugar baby is a good listener

woman trying to be the perfect sugar baby at dinner with her sugar daddy

Practicing active listening means listening carefully to what the other has to say. Keeping eye contact, nodding, asking follow-up questions. These are gestures that show that you have an interest in what is being said.

Don’t interrupt and don’t start formulating your answers in your head before he finishes what they have to say. If you have any questions, wait until he is done. He will feel your interest and the conversation will flow smoothly.

Remember to forget about your cell phone during this time. Always put it on mute. This way, your sugar daddy will realize that he is the center of your attention. And this is exactly how you become the perfect sugar baby for him.

The power of a smile

woman like the perfect sugar baby would

It sounds trivial, but a smile is the perfect icebreaker for a successful start to a conversation with a sugar daddy. A smile takes the tension out of both and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

In general, the perfect sugar baby is the one that doesn’t bring problems and worries to meetings. She is funny and spontaneous. It is the freshness of youth that makes a sugar baby the perfect partner.

Ask questions and keep up to date

Ask open questions, that is, those that are not answered with a simple yes or no. For example, how did you begin your professional career? This type of question shows interest in him and opens the gates to a long, deep conversation.

A perfect sugar baby stays up to date on the subjects of the moment. That’s why it’s important to read the news every day, so you have more subjects to discuss. In case he identifies himself as a sapiosexual, read our article that talks more about it. Compliments always go well, but don’t exaggerate so as not to seem fake. Here we talk about the fact that men crave compliments too.

Our blog is full of tips on how to become the perfect sugar baby. Make sure to check it out and always give your best!