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Does Being a Sugar Baby equal Hypergamy?

Have you ever heard of hypergamy or wondered if you could be hypergamic? In this article, we’ll explain what that means and how it is related to being a sugar baby.

What is hypergamy?

Hypergamy is a scientific term that describes people who prefer a partner who has more money or a better social status than themselves, also known as marrying up. That means they don’t choose based on looks, personality or chemistry, like it’s most common nowadays.

According to that definition, many โ€” if not most โ€” sugar babies are hypergamic.

Hypergamy tends to be more common in low-income societies where women can’t find other ways to improve their lifestyle and opportunities.

But is it true? Do some women prefer full wallets over compatible personalities? Let’s find out!

Why is hypogamy so common?

Finding a man who makes you laugh, treats you well, is handsome and has money is like finding a treasure. Some women are lucky enough to find such a perfect man without even looking for him, but for other women, the search takes longer and is much more difficult.

Some girls focus more on money than on a man’s personality because, in many countries, it is very difficult to climb up the social ladder on their own. To them, the only way to have as much financial power as a man is by marrying one.

The reason is that women have historically had fewer opportunities than men and this hasn’t changed all over the world yet. Therefore, a husband would enable them to do things they would otherwise never be able to achieve. They do it for their families and future generations.

What is the opposite of hypergamy?

board that illustrates hypergamy

If hypergamy means marrying someone from a higher social class or status, its opposite is hypogamy, marrying someone from a lower social class or status, in other words, “marrying down”.

But why would someone marry down? One reason is that, by doing so, the better-off partner might be trying to ensure fidelity. After all, their partner would have a lot to lose if they decided to break up. It is important to point out that many people don’t purposefully marry down, they simply don’t care from which social class their partner comes.

Technically, whenever someone marries up, their partner necessarily marries down. The thing is that every person might feel differently about it.

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Is hypergamy just a fad?

Hypergamy has been practiced for hundreds, if not even thousands of years, so, no, it isn’t. It is still very common in India and represented in pretty much any fairy tale movie, like in Pretty Woman and even the Twilight series. Think of all the stories about a prince who falls in love with the maid or comes to rescue a damsel in distress like Cinderella or the beauty and the beast.

Since many girls are exposed to such stories, they grow up expecting some rich man to rescue them and to bring them to live with him in a castle.

Is it a bad thing?

No, for several reasons.

First of all, some women are genuinely attracted to men who are better off than them. Some see it as a precondition for any relationship at all. Think of yourself. How would you feel about being in a relationship with a man who can’t afford the same kind of free time activities as you? Or about having to pay for every dinner?

hypergamy couple at their wedding

Secondly, some men enjoy it. Men tend to feel very uncomfortable when with a woman who makes more money than them. They are happy to be the provider, it is good for their self-esteem to feel able to provide for a woman.

Thirdly, being provided for can be part of the arrangement, like in sugar relationships. Many women want to be provided for, eventually become a stay-at-home mother or simply not to have to worry about their survival all the time, and some men enjoy taking on this responsibility.

As always, you do you, but don’t use someone for their money while pretending you are doing it for love. It’ll eventually break their heart. Be as honest to others as you are to yourself.