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girl staring in full concentration

Concentration: how to increase it through diet?

Do you know the tired feeling that hits you after lunch? Does it make your office work less productive in the afternoon hours? Or the feeling of not being able to concentrate as much as you would like while studying? Of course coffee could help, but many studies say that these problems with concentration can […]

By Luna

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girl who's adopted an organic lifestyle

Why to opt for an organic lifestyle

I remember the days as a sugar baby when I walked past organic food stores and feared the prospect of ever making part of this ever-growing trend. The reason: I never believed that changing my eating habits would not only impact my health and appearance but also my bank account! But that was a long […]

By Luna

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Friday the 13th dating tips

Friday the 13th Dating Tips

Spend a memorable Friday the 13th And again we have a Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day in the Gregorian calendar. The superstitions behind this date are so strong that only in the US it has been estimated a loss of around $900 million in business on this day. The reason is that many people […]

By elma

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