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Why to opt for an organic lifestyle

I remember the days as a sugar baby when I walked past organic food stores and feared the prospect of ever making part of this ever-growing trend. The reason: I never believed that changing my eating habits would not only impact my health and appearance but also my bank account! But that was a long time ago!

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends, staying up-to-date regarding politics and general knowledge is not all that makes for a successful student and sugar baby. A sugar baby has to be on top of her game and looks are her business card. Remember: you are what you eat! So let’s look at some organic options that will make you even more irresistible.

Why organic?

organic food in a bowl

Why organic? Let’s start by reminding ourselves that mass producers need to ensure that their crops meet market demand. This means that the product must be available on supermarket shelves in large quantities. To make this possible, farmers can use a number of solutions to ensure that the product can reach supermarket shelves without major obstacles. For these synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and, depending on which country you live in, genetically modified plants may also be used.

But for you, clever sugar baby, who needs answers in order to live a healthy life without going into debt, we busted a few myths. This way your sugar daddy will be impressed by your skin and hair’s health.

How to do it right

We could go on and on talking about the advantages of organic products, but let’s focus instead on whether it is really important to adopt a completely organic diet.

Let me introduce the gory details: there are twelve additives that you can definitely do without if you’re thinking about getting totally clean. The additives are:

organic molecule

What this means is simple: if you see any of these additives in the ingredients list, don’t buy it!

Instead, simply put the following conventional option in the basket, as they contain few additives: Avocados, corn, pineapple, cabbage, onions, frozen peas, papayas, asparagus, mangoes, eggplants, cantaloupes, honeydew melons, kiwis, cauliflower and broccoli.

Stay healthy!

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