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Sugar Daddies: The Providing Type

There are all kinds of people out there. And sometimes we feel tempted to put them in boxes. Of course, sugar daddies are not excluded from this. Everyone has his own individual style and preferences. But is there a pattern? We’ve identified one we’ll be calling “the providing sugar daddy“. Here’s what sugar daddies of this kind have in common:

The providing sugar daddy

sugar daddy providing his sugar baby with money

The providing sugar daddy is probably the most popular of his kind. He doesn’t give his sugar baby a gift just because it’s part of the mutual agreement. On the contrary: he loves to give presents to this pretty girl. One possible reason is because it makes him feel that someone needs him. He loves to give and it makes him feel good to see that he’s pleasing her by doing it.

In addition, the providing sugar daddy is not necessarily eager to get something back for his money or gifts. A simple “thank you” is often enough. He simply loves to fulfill her every wish. That makes him the dream of every rinser sugar baby.

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The providing sugar daddy loves to fulfill her every wish

This kind of sugar daddy is rather rare. The main reason is that many people nowadays live by the motto: nothing is free. After all, why should they bother to give something if they cannot expect anything in return? That would be downright uneconomical.

sugar daddy providing his sugar baby with gifts

However, the providing sugar daddy thinks differently. Probably because he has more than enough financial resources to be able to afford to have that opinion. Yes, being so rich, he doesn’t even consider giving away expensive clothes, accessories or cars as a loss. After all, he knows how much he can afford — and that’s an awful lot. So why should he shy away from that? And what could be more beautiful than the happy, honest smile of a woman?

To be continued…

Of course, the providing sugar daddy isn’t the only kind of sugar daddy out there. In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about other common categories of sugar daddies. So stay tuned, my lovely sugar babies!

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