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The Secrets of a Happy Long-lasting Relationship

When we meet someone new and fall in love, it is almost as if a new us is born. In the beginning, everything seems to be perfect. Nothing about the other person bothers us. We live the dream relationship in the first months, and this is the time when our only concern is to enjoy the passion. We feel and live emotions that we don’t want to be over.

the secrets of a long lasting relationship

But nothing in life is perfect, especially when it comes to relationships. Each individual has his/her particularities, which is good. This is what makes each one of us unique. But this is also the reason why we need to make some effort if we want a long-lasting relationship. The “and they lived happily ever after” is not that easy. After all, the princes and princesses of the fairy tales do not exist!

So if you are starting a relationship and don’t want the happy and magical moments to come to an end, stay with us because we have some advice for you.

Honesty and Trust above all things

It can sound cliche, but it’s true that without Trust, there’s no way a relationship can work. And if you are not honest with your partner, it is most likely that this will turn into future problems. Trustworthiness is what makes us feel safe with a person. In that way, always be true to yourself and to your partner. If you keep things to yourself, these stored feelings will, sooner or later, affect your relationship.

The importance of sex

the secrets of a long lasting relationship

When we talk about sex in a relationship, we don’t mean only quantity, but mostly quality. To have a pleasant and fulfilling sexual life, the first step is to explore our sexuality. The second step is to find out what our partner likes. Take some time to talk to your partner about sex, about your preferences, because this is the way to ensure that the intimacy moments will be well spent.

Effective communication

Unfortunately, communication through telepathy is still not available. For that reason, being able to express yourself is essential to any long-lasting relationship. Do not expect your partner always to guess what is going on. On the other hand, also remember to listen to the other person and pay attention to what he/she is saying. And most importantly, don’t let eventual discussions turn into insults and humiliation.

Give each other some space

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean spending the whole time with the person. To have space in a relationship is something recommended by psychologists. And no, we are not suggesting that you maintain an entire parallel life. It is about taking some time for yourself and spend it doing things that make you happy. Go out with a friend, practice some sport, dedicate to your hobby… These moments are essential for us to maintain our individuality, and in the end, they help us to keep our relationship fresh.

Appreciate the small things and express your love

the secrets of a long lasting relationship

Of course, everybody loves to receive expensive and luxurious gifts. But it doesn’t mean that we should forget about the little details that go beyond physical goods. Isn’t it good to wake up with breakfast on the bed? Then think about it… Additionally, express our feelings towards the other through words and gestures is also important. Kisses, hugs, and “I love you” s must be frequent in a relationship.

Understand that people change

One reason why many relationships fail is due to our resistance to accepting that the other person might change. This makes absolutely no sense, because life is always changing, and so are us. Many people fear that when a partner changes, it will change the relationship. This can be true, but it doesn’t mean it is something negative. Changes can be a great ally to keep us excited and happy in a relationship.

What about you? Any additional tips for a happy and long-lasting relationship?