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Sugar Daddy: How your personality can influence your earnings

It is undeniable that our personalities have a significant influence on our professional lives. So far, many psychology studies have already shown the role our charachters plays, for example, in our levels of job satisfaction, or the likelihood of a person being self-employed. But interestingly, a recent study adds evidence on the effect of personality on one’s earnings. Curious to know which personality types are more likely to have the biggest salaries? Then stay with us.

A Sugar Daddy of strong personality earns more

Effect of personality on men’s earnings

A recent study investigated the relationship between personality traits and lifetime earnings among men of different ages. What they found is that for young men at the beginning of their careers, the gains were not affected by personality. However, for advanced level workers, from the age of 30 on, personality started to play a role. Especially for men between their 40s and 60s, the more conscientious (i.e., hard-working, organized, reliable), extroverts and less agreeable, were the ones that presented the highest earnings.

But how much are we talking about?

The gains from conscientiousness and extraversion can add up to $10-20.000 a year. Over a lifetime, these men end up earning $600.000 more than introverts, for example. Considering agreeability, less agreeable men make, on average, $270.000 more than agreeable men in their entire career.

The interaction between personality and education

The personality effect on men’s earnings seems to be higher as the education level increases. For instance, for two men with a bachelor’s degree, the introvert will make around $290.000 less than his extrovert peer. But if the same comparison is made between two men who hold a Master’s degree or more, this difference in earnings jumps to $760.000.

Sugar Daddy personality

In conclusion

Of course, many are the variables that affect one’s income. However, it is more than clear that personality plays a major role. So now what, Sugar Daddy? Are your traits helping you, or making your life harder in this matter?

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