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etiquette rule for sugar babies being followed: sb well dressed for a beach wedding

Dating Etiquette for Sugar Babies: 12 Rules Every SB Should Follow

You are new to the sugar dating scene and managed to find a sugar daddy nevertheless. Your first date, the so-called meet and greet (M&G) is coming up, and you are looking for advice because you would hate to ruin your chances with this potential sugar daddy? Since everyone is faced with exactly this situation in the […]

By Luna

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woman acting like the perfect sugar baby on date with sugar daddy

The Perfect Sugar Baby: First Date

First encounters are always a little uncomfortable. Butterflies in the stomach, some shame and not knowing what to talk about? All this is very normal. But how to be the perfect sugar baby on your first date with a sugar daddy? Here are some tips for you to be successful from the start 😉

By Luna

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Sugar baby etiquette

sugar baby etiquettte

sugar baby etiquettte Sugar baby etiquette tips Sugar baby etiquette necessities for every aspiring sugar baby Three golden sugar baby etiquette tips You are gorgeous, charming, and beautiful. You have decided to try a sugar lifestyle in order to get its benefits like money, gifts, trips and other nice what exactly should you do […]

By Dona

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