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sugar baby etiquettte

sugar baby etiquettte

Sugar baby etiquette tips
Sugar baby etiquette necessities for every aspiring sugar baby
Three golden sugar baby etiquette tips
You are gorgeous, charming, and beautiful. You have decided to try a sugar lifestyle in order to get its benefits like money, gifts, trips and other nice what exactly should you do to get the right sugar daddy? Here are three simple sugar baby etiquette tips to boost your chances of landing that wealthy, successful and respectable man:

Sugar baby etiquette
1. Sugar baby etiquette concerning money

It is true one the main benefits a sugar baby is looking for from a sugar daddy is money. However don’t be quick to bring its subject especially on your first meeting. It shows lack of class and may make your sugar daddy treat you like dirt. It also gives an indication that after your sugar daddy has given you money, he has the right to treat you like crap. No one wants to be treated like crap, so please restrain from showing your hunger for money too soon. Instead keep the conversation general by touching on topics like; current events, school (if you’re still schooling), interesting movies you saw etc.

2. Sugar baby etiquette on dressing well and keeping smart

Dress to impress! This is a ‘must’ sugar baby etiquette if you want to succeed in your relationship. Keep in mind; you want to look attractive and stunning to please a wealthy, respectable man. Try and dress classy over trashy. Brush your teeth, -nothing turns off a man like a foul smell from a lady. It’s embarrassing. In other words, look as presentable as you can.
3. Sugar baby etiquette regarding pleasant conversation
Don’t be a bore. Remember your sugar daddy is with you because he wants to have some good time. Instead, be stimulating and intelligent in your conversation. Enjoy your conversation together and treat it like you’re on vacation. Keep off conversations that touch on your sugar daddy’s personal life. Men love to keep their personal life discreet. For example, don’t go asking him questions like; how often do you cheat on your wife? Or how do you compare me with your wife? For goodness sake, keep off such questions because they will make your sugar daddy drop you like a hot iron rod. It also shows lack of manners.Sugar baby etiquetteAll the best girls in your search for that sugar daddy you have been dreaming about. Keep in mind these sugar baby etiquette tips for they will come in handy in you search.