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Cost of sugar baby

The Cost Of Sugar Baby – Extra Expenses


The cost of sugar baby can be expensive or really expensive and when it comes to extra expenses here are some of the things you can expect. When we talk about extra expenses we mean dinner dates, the luxurious ones, shopping trips, requests from your sugar baby and even transport fees. A sugar baby is your sugar baby and will probably ask you for extra things now and then. She may want a new haircut, she may want to do some remodeling at home and more than likely she will turn to you for the cash. Be prepared for these extra expenses and take into account the money you will spend on taking her to different places.

The Cost of Sugar Baby – Allowance


cost of sugar baby

cost of sugar baby

The cost of sugar baby allowances can vary depending on both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy. Many sugar babies only want a few hundred dollars a month to supplement their income but many want their sugar daddies to cover their bills, rent and daily expenses. Many sugar daddies allow allowances for spending money and living money. For example you may put two thousand towards food and bills as a living allowance and you may give that bit extra for spending allowances. Around two to three thousand dollars a month is sufficient though.

Presents and holidays are another expense which increase the cost of sugar baby. You may be obliged to take your sugar baby on weekend breaks, summer holidays and even long, romantic vacations. You will have to pay for tickets, clothes and hotels so take that into account. Presents are another large expense and christmas and birthdays need to be thought of as well as extra surprise presents and flowers which are a must if you want your sugar baby to be a keeper.

The Overall Cost of Sugar Baby


After looking at all those various figures above the overall cost of sugar baby can be anywhere between two thousand dollars a month and ten thousand dollars a month. The overall cost of keeping a sugar baby is really down to you and how much you can afford and how much you want to allow. It isn’t cheap though so be aware. Many sugar daddies open up bank accounts with certain funds in for their sugar babies and others are more strict and lay down certain rules about allowances and funds. Either way the sugar daddy is control but the sugar baby will more than likely try to wrap their sugar daddy around their little finger and squeeze extras from them!