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Sugar Daddy Forum for rich guys

I found my sugar daddy. He is everything I wanted in a sugar daddy and more. I didn’t even have to set my foot out the door. You may ask how I found him, and the answer may very well surprise you. I found my sugar daddy in a sugar daddy forum.
See, I knew that there were sugar daddies out there to be had. The trick was to find the right sugar daddy forum and get to chatting.

Sugar Daddy Forum for the perfect dating experience

Forums there are aplenty, and you will always find all types of men in them. I didn’t want just any old man, I wanted a sugar daddy and for that I needed a sugar daddy forum.
The criteria is very simple. It needs to be a high-class, social interaction kind of site. It must be high-class because you want him to have money. The sugar daddy forum doesn’t necessarily have to be about dating, but it does need to have a kind of heated atmosphere where things could happen if you know what I mean. Try to find a forum where you can have online chats, so you can watch a potential sugar daddy’s interactions with others so that you can get a feel for his intentions on the site.

Sugar Daddy Forum

Sugar Daddy Forum

Sugar Daddy Forum: How to blend in

Do not pounce on your target, um daddy, on the sugar daddy forum. Let him think he is doing the hunting. Females online who put the moves on the man can be seen as predatory and you don’t want to scare him off.
If your potential sugar daddy shows interest, answer him politely and cut the conversation off.
Blend in by talking to the other guys and girls. Don’t make it obvious that you are sugar daddy-hunting.

How to Make Your Moves in the Sugar Daddy Forum

Just because you are online, it doesn’t mean that all the rules of the game have changed. The game is still on, and he still needs to work to feel like the alpha man. Just because you are on a sugar daddy forum, it doesn’t mean that you need to lie down and play dumb.
Let him chase you. Allow your sugar daddy the thrill of the hunt and make it hard for him. It will be boring for him if you are an easy target. Rather keep his interest by playing hard to get.
And just when he is about to give up, open up like a flower and make him feel like the man he is.
Yes, a sugar daddy forum is a handy resource if you are a-hunting. Maybe you’ll even end up as lucky as I was in finding your perfect sugar daddy.