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I have Sugar Daddy

It pays to have a plan. My mother always used to tell me that a girl should always be prepared. She should always know her limits, and she should know that a rainy day was inevitable and that she needed to be prepared to handle it. My sugar daddy is my plan. I have Sugar Daddy so tongue-tied and into me he is not thinking straight. Not that I want to take advantage, but as I said a girl must have a plan.

I Have Sugar Daddy Wrapped Around My Little Finger

I have Sugar Daddy wrapped around my little finger. Who can blame him? I am young and utterly fabulous. I can literally see his eyes melt every time I flutter my eyes. My voice drips honey in his ears.

Today, I needed a little extra something. Yes, every girl needs a Versace dress. He didn’t even blink at the price. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. In fact they ravished me while I tried it on at the store. When we got home, it was ripped off and I gave back as good as I got. Yes, I have Sugar Daddy on a very tight leash.

I have Sugar Daddy

I have Sugar Daddy to bring happiness into my life

I Have Sugar Daddy Begging Me to Be His

After we came home, Sugar Daddy started his tirade again. You see I have Sugar Daddy begging me to be his. He wants full and exclusive rights to me and he wants everybody to know it. Sugar Daddy gets so jealous when another man looks at me. It doesn’t help that these men are often younger than him too.

It doesn’t matter when I explain to him that I don’t want younger men, I prefer my men older. He knows that I find his graying strands unbelievably sexy. There’s just something about an older man that gets my engines going. Sugar Daddy knows that he is the one who does that for me, and I could never want anyone else. But nevertheless I have Sugar Daddy begging me to do right by him.

I Have Sugar Daddy Right Where I Want Him

Sugar Daddy wants me to marry him. I am holding on a string just for a little longer, but of course I’m going to accept his proposal. He is everything I want in a man and more.

He is older and wiser, he has life experience and is able to advise me about life. He often sees trouble where I am too naïve to spot it, and usually he right on the money.

He is well off and spoils me rotten. He knows what I like, and he loves to see me smile. Money is no object when he tries to please me. He is a very good provider.

He is kind and caring. I have Sugar Daddy singing my praises to all of our friends. I feel like the luckiest woman on earth.

And indeed I am. My planning paid off and I am reaping the rewards.