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Sugar Daddy’s Girl

Sugar Daddy’s Girl is Young

I am young, sultry and oh so ready. Some say I’m naive and that I should be with someone my own age but I prefer my men older, preferably with a touch of grey hair, and I prefer them strong.So what if a young guy looks and stares? He has nothing that an older man can’t offer me. I’m young, I have the world at my feet and I do. Sugar daddy’s girl needs an older man. I need a man who is experienced.

Sugar Daddy’s Girl is Sexy

I’m sexy and I know it, because all the boys stare at me. Heck, sometimes it’s not only the boys but girls too. I strut myself proudly. I swing my hips and I have a dance in my step. I ooze sex, and boy do I know it. I love the looks that I get because I know that I am any man’s dream. You know that you are all I desire, and you know that I dress for you.

Sugar daddy’s girl needs her man to be proud of her.

Sugar Daddy's Girl

Sugar Daddy’s Girl need well experienced men.

Sugar Daddy’s Girl is Lonely

Tonight I miss my Sugar Daddy. I miss his arms around me holding me tight. I miss his smell and the feel of his warm body next to mine. I shouldn’t be lonely when you are mine and I am yours.

Why are you not with me tonight?. Sugar daddy’s girl needs you. I’m so lost without you.

You know what I’m like when I’m bored. I want to play and there is no one to play with. How can I have fun all by myself when you’re not around?

Shall I play the piano? Shall I call a friend? Why can’t you be with me and we can make some memories on this cold winter’s night. Sugar daddy’s girl wants to come out and play. All she needs is her sugar daddy.

Sugar Daddy’s Girl is Hot

I know it’s a cold winter’s night. But you know that I’m hot. I’m always hot for you. Sugar daddy’s girl is on fire and she misses you.

There are ways and means I can turn this fire off, but I would so prefer you to stoke those flames.

It’s quite simple really. Sugar daddy’s girl has specific needs and I need you to fulfill them. Sugar daddy girl needs an older man. I need to be spoilt. I need to be well-kept. I need to be praised, and above all I need all of you. Sugar daddy’s girl needs her sugar daddy. So, come on already. I can’t wait forever!