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Sugar Daddy Drink for your dating

Sugar Daddy drink at it’s best!

You want your sugar Daddy date to be successful? How about a delicious sugar daddy cocktail? Sugar Babys and Sugar Daddies love to enjoy togetherness with delicious Drinks. Wether it is on vacation on Maui or in an expensive Restaurant in Paris. Sugar Daddies do everything to make their Sugar Baby happy and satisfied.

Sugar Daddy drink

Sugar Daddy drink

Sugar Daddy Drink (Alcoholic)

Are you looking for a fantastic alcoholic cocktail to make? Maybe you have a sophisticated party coming up and wish to make a delicious drink for your guests. Or maybe you just want to have a sweet cocktail to yourself to unwind after a long day. Whatever the occasion, the Sugar Daddy drink will be sure to take over your taste buds and make you nice and relaxed.

Sugar Daddy Drink – Ingredients

So you are eager to create a delicious, elegant drink. But you still need to know what goes inside it. The Sugar Daddy drink can actually be made in many different ways with several different additives, but there are some key ingredients. These are: Butterscotch Schnapps, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and ordinary cream. The sugar daddy drink usually consists of these four ingredients. If you have all of these then great! You are ready to move on to the next paragraph to find out how to put all of these ingredients together. If you want something with slightly more ingredients, then skip the next paragraph in order to find out what else you can add to the fantastic Sugar Daddy drink.

Sugar Daddy Drink – Recipe

You now have the four main ingredients, so you are ready to mix your cocktail!
First off, get a stainless steel shaker filled witch ice for your ingredients. Once you have your shaker, add the following ingredients in this order; 1 oz of Butterscotch Schnapps; 1 oz of coffee liqueur; 1 oz of Irish cream; and finally just a splash of single or double cream.
Once you have all of the necessary ingredients in your shaker, close the top and shake until the shaker is completely cold. Once you have done this, strain in to either a tall glass, or a small glass with rocks (ice). You are now ready to drink your delicious Sugar Daddy drink!
Read below if you wish to make this cocktail with more ingredients for some added flavour.

So there is the Sugar Daddy recipe, we hope you and your Sugar Baby enjoy it!