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Things that Sugar Babies Like

You want to impress your sugar baby, but you seem to have the wrong approach? Here are a few tips about what sugar babies would truly like from you:

Keep your promises to your sugar baby

sugar babies like men who keep their promises

No one wants to hear false promises! Not even a sugar baby. So put your words into action or stop filling your conversations with empty promises.

If you intend to calm her down by doing so, you will soon achieve the opposite. After all, why should she go for a rich guy if he, like a “poor guy“, won’t give her what she wants? Honesty is the motto.

If she asks you for a (non-material) favor and you are against it, of course you can tell her that. Explain to her in a friendly, but firm way why you decided this way. Let her know your thoughts. If she is not a gold digger, she will accept your decision.

Don’t diminish your sugar baby…

No matter where your sugar baby comes from, she wants to be respected. Because sugar babies are also women — human beings — and humiliation is the last thing they would want from their partner.

Just as the sugar baby should not regard her sugar daddy as a walking wallet, the sugar daddy should not believe that he is in any way superior to the person whose company he himself has sought. After all, you’re probably an “old” man — so don’t delude yourself thinking that really every sugar baby likes the more mature type.

Your sugar baby would like to be given appreciation

sugar babies like to be shown appreciation, for example through flowers

Do not demand anything from your sugar baby that makes her feel uncomfortable. Ever!

It may be that your babe is dependent on money and gifts to make ends meet. However, this does not give you the right to act like her lord and master, which she is not allowed to resist. Use your common sense instead.

Think about how you would want to be treated if you were in her place. Because you’ll probably start looking for another sugar baby if her behavior doesn’t please you. In the same way, if you say or do things to her that she doesn’t like, she will quickly flee to another (supposedly friendlier) sugar daddy.

DON’T FORGET: Sugaring is still a two-way relationship and to ensure that it works, both parties must make an effort to make their partner happy. If you don’t care about her feelings, it would probably be better to find a prostitute instead. They don’t like being treated like dirt either, but at least you’ll get off cheaper than with a sugar baby.

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