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Dating an Older Man? Pros and Cons

What woman has never felt attracted to an older man? Well, I know a lot of cases. Those of admiration, especially at work, are very common. In this article, we highlight some important points to consider when dating an older man.

The powerful attraction to differences

It almost always works that way: everything new attracts our attention. Especially in our early 20s, when we’re discovering more and more about sex and our power of seduction. At this age, it’s not uncommon to find men about 20 years older who are extremely seductive… and who end up seducing us.

woman about to kiss attractive older man

No matter if it’s just one night or it turns into an affair and maybe even a relationship, you have the right to have fun and enjoy yourself. Of course, you have to take into account the expectations of each other. After all, you may realize that the differences that attracted you in the beginning might pose great barriers that may hinder a lasting relationship.

You need to be aware of how good the relationship has been and when it needs to end. In other words, as long as everything is fun, it is great. But when you notice growing issues such as not getting along in bed anymore, stop to reflect.

No games

woman on ship with an older man

A very nice advantage of dating older men is that they tend not to play games. In other words, they go straight to the point.

They are very clear about what they like and don’t like. And you’ll be able to tell very soon into the relationship if he’s serious about it or not.

… but manipulation?

Men can be manipulative! You have to be careful, young women can be a little more naive and end up falling into traps. This is often because the man is not only older, but also has more financial power and possibly a higher social status.

Don’t let him — or anyone, for that matter — ever impose his desires on you for any reason whatsoever!

girl putting on a crown

Do I want to be someone’s trophy?

Another important point is that many older men fall in love with the girl’s youth and not so much with her personality. Some say they fall in love with the “market value” of her body. They like to parade the girl’s beauty. There are cases in which the woman falls in love with the mature, calm, intelligent and stable side of the older man while he only sees her as a trophy.

Would you enjoy being someone’s trophy? I’m sure there are pros and cons to that too. You do you.