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What’s a “Salt Daddy”?

Yes, dear reader, you read it correctly: salt daddy is a thing! I swear I haven’t just made it up! Let’s not beat around the table for too long and go straight to our question: what exactly is a “salt daddy” and why is it called that? Here are two short stories to illustrate it:

Sometimes you should NOT take it with a pinch of salt

Almost everyone has had this happen at least once in their life. You are sitting at a set table in a restaurant or coffee shop with a good friend. The waiter comes with your order. You are served a cup of coffee or tea and want to add some sugar. Absorbed in conversation, you reach for the sugar shaker and sprinkle its content on your hot drink. You take a sip, realize your mistake and spit it back into your cup. Disgusting. It was the salt shaker.

spoon of sugar or maybe salt
Sugar or salt?

If we compare the substances sugar and salt, at first glance, we find that both look quite similar (if there is any visual difference at all). This is also the case with humans in regard to their intentions.

Another scenario: first impressions can be deceptive. The over-friendly person you’ve just met sitting across from you at the table feels as if he had been your best friend for years. He looks good, is elegantly dressed and the story he tells you is incredibly exciting. After you started opening up and trusting him; he has completely captivated you. You participate in the conversation with kindness and politeness and reveal more of yourself. At the end of the conversation, it turns out this person has casually talked you into a mobile phone contract. The nice guy sitting across from you is not a friend at all, but a salesman.

These two stories show that not everything that seems to be the right thing is the right thing. As the saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold.” Therefore, we must be careful. It is very easy to manipulate with external circumstances, as some may have already discovered.

Salt daddy: Beyond appearances

salt daddy

The stories presented thus make it clear in a metaphorical way that, in the end, there can be a major disillusionment with a situation. The same can happen in a sugar relationship with a sugar daddy. A salt daddy is someone who poses as a sugar daddy. Unfortunately, there are many people out there just pretending to be one. And just like the first story with the salt, the reality can leave a nasty taste after being revealed.

Signs that you are talking to a salt daddy

Here are some red-flags you should watch out for:

sugar cubes
  1. It is all about sex. The whole conversation revolves only around sex. It might seem like he is trying to find out if you two are sexually compatible. However, he might just be using you for sexting.
  2. He wants to see you naked before even the first date. If he insist in moving the conversation to another platform so that you could have a video call and ask you to do inappropriate things on camera, he is only after some free fun. The same goes for a guy who asks for nudes before the relationship has even started. Here’s how to deal with a potential sugar daddy asking for nudes.
  3. Lots of bragging and showing off right from the start. A real sugar daddy won’t try to convince you that he is rich. It will become clear from the way he speaks, his charm, his knowledge of good restaurants and the ease he approaches the sugar relationship. On the other hand, a salt daddy will throw a show, brag and promise you many things before even meeting you.
  4. You’ll have to go meet him. Instead of flying you in with all expenses paid for, a salt daddy will say he’s too busy to meet you and ask you to go to his place. Chances are, you’ll never see that Uber money again. Just don’t.

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That’s why you should double-check facts and look for proof that you are talking to a sugar daddy instead of a salt daddy. After all, we are all in for the real sugar!

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