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What’s a “Splenda Daddy”?

I remember when I was new to the sugar bowl and got puzzled when I heard Splenda daddy for the first time. Now that’s something I hear several times a week. Here’s what you need to know about Splenda daddies and why you should run from them as fast as your legs can carry you:

Not a real daddy

splenda daddy on his laptop

This is a man who really wants to have a sugar baby but doesn’t have the financial means to be able to afford to spoil her.

Sometimes, but not necessarily, this man ended up on a sugar dating site by chance. He is desperate for a girlfriend and has registered on every possible website. If he invests in a sugar relationship, he’ll do it in the hopes that it will turn into a serious relationship. For this reason, he will be romantic all the time and very reluctant to pay an allowance.

In a nutshell, this isn’t a sugar daddy. This guy will spoil you as much as he can โ€” which can be very little โ€” hoping that he will win your heart and you’ll decide to become his girlfriend. And that’s why dating a Splenda daddy is a huge waste of time, so don’t let him charm you!

Splenda Daddy: the name’s origin

spoon full of sugar

As some of you might know, Splenda is a trademarked name of an artificial sweetener that has been sold in the US since 1999.

A Splenda daddy really wants to be in a sugar relationship, but he doesn’t have any real “sugar” to offer. And this is the biggest difference between this artificial sweetener and this pseudo-sugar daddy: at least the brand is very upfront about not being sugar ๐Ÿ˜‰

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