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Milan Fashion Week September 2019

September: the month of fashion

Did you know that September and February are recognized worldwide as the months of fashion? During these two periods, the most influential fashion events of the world take place in 4 different cities, also known as the Big 4: Milan, Paris, London, and New York.

Milan Fashion Week 2019

In such events, the fashion trends for the following seasons are revealed. In fact, last February we got to know the directions for the fall-winter 2019. And this week, we will know which clothing and accessories should be in our closets for the spring-summer 2020. Some of you might be thinking, “why so early?”. Basically, because the common brands (that are accessible to the population in general) need time to process the trends purposed by the major fashion houses.

Milan Fashion Week September 2019

The Milan Fashion Week September 2019 started on September 17th and will continue to animate the Italian capital of Fashion until Monday 23rd. During these days, the world has the opportunity to see the best of the trends created by the most prestigious Italian designers.

As usual, the first days belong to emerging designers, as well as future icons of the fashion world. The most awaited events, however, take place over the weekend. There, Italian fashion icons, such as D&G, Prada, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Gucci, make their debut on the catwalks.


Unfortunately, only a few events make tickets available for the general public. For most of them, a personal invitation is needed. The invitations are typically limited to illustrious and influential people and for the press. There is the possibility, however, to buy tickets for the Fashion Week at charity auctions set up for the occasion. Of course, the number of tickets available is minimal, and the prices can be exorbitant! But at least all the money collected in these auctions is donated for a good cause!

Not only fashion shows

The Milan Fashion Week is certainly not just about fashion shows! In fact, the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same without the glamorous parties. Luxury fashion houses organize them to celebrate the event in the right way!
Obviously, it’s not easy to access here either. But once you’ve entered one of these parties you will realize you are in paradise! You can meet many of the most influential characters from the world of fashion, entertainment, politics, and much more!

Origin of Fashion Week

The first fashion week took place in New York in 1943. Because of the current Second World War, it had become challenging to import clothes from the great Italian and French brands. For this reason, the Americans looked for a way to promote local fashion. Later, the idea of the fashion week was so popular that other major fashion cities such as London, Milan, and Paris also adopted it.


Milan Fashion Week is certainly an unmissable opportunity if you want to make contact with the wealthiest people in the world!

So what are you waiting for to convince your Sugar Daddy to be your companion in one of these events?