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Yacht, a status symbol

The perfect millionaire is not complete without a luxury Yacht. It is the ultimate symbol that he won at life. With a Yacht, every trip turns into a real adventure. Whether the Caribbean or Spain, the travel possibilities are limitless, since the rich man simply has his own Yacht in every region.
So back to this luxurious watercraft, you can experience below how it all started.

Girls in a Yacht


The term Yacht has its roots from the dutch word “jacht”, which means hunt. In the beginning, the Dutch Republic navy used these fast sailing vessels to pursue transgressors on their coast. However, its popularization as a recreational boat only happened around 1660, by Charles II of England.

115 years of Yachts

The very first Yacht, as we know today, the Medea, was launched into the water at 29.08.1904 in Scotland, by William Macalister Hall of Torrisdale Castle. It was built by Alexander Stephen and Sons Limited, and back then, it was an absolute novelty. The owner used it mostly as a meeting point for friends and family but also took in on excursions around nearby islands.
You can still see the Medea itself today at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

From the first Yacht to today’s

If you compare it with the Yachts today, Madea looks like a little nutshell. Today the longer, 147 meter-vessels are more common. The new designs can cost up to several million dollars, and there are no limits to extras. A Whirlpool or a Cinema, for example, is the standard. That’s it, the longer the boat, the prouder the owner. For average people, this lifestyle might be utopic, on the other hand, for a Yacht owner, this is nothing but ordinary.

The bigger of the biggest

The “Al Said” is the most expensive Yacht in the world, and belongs to a Sultan. It was built in Germany and can accommodate up to 65 guests. Inside, there’s a sauna, a cinema,  a concert hall, and more than 150 crew members. It is 155 meters length, 14 meters wide, and has its own helipad. Its estimated value runs around 240 million euros.

Spend a day like the powerful ones

Do you want to be in millionaire’s shoes for one day? There are many websites where you can find a Yacht for rent. Of course, they are considerably smaller than the luxury versions, but still worth a try. After all, every woman deserves to make at least once a dream trip on a boat with a man on her side.

Wold Superyacht Awards

Do you want to know more about the finest Yachts launched in 2019, and spend some days around owners and industry leaders? Then do not miss The World Superyacht Awards that takes place every beginning of the year. There you can experience the newest innovations, designs, engineering, and construction of the world’s most impressive luxury yachts.