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The Apple of Love (A Lovestory)

To please your lover

The apple of love is a perfect gift to find your Sugar Baby to please you. This delicious pastry shop has a legendary and romantic story. The apple of love is often found at festivals, fairs and fairgrounds. You can buy it as a sign of love or romance.

What is the apple of love?

Today the apple of love has a completely different meaning than the legend. It is a sweet made from fresh apple covered with a layer of cooked sugar. The caramelized fruit is stuck on a wooden skewer and can be held and eaten by hand. Depending on taste, the apple of love can also be coated with dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

The confectionery called apple of love, candy apple or golden apple was founded in 1908 by William Kolb of New Jersey, who had the famous idea of dipping beautiful apples into sweets he made. Perhaps he wanted to impress beautiful ladies?
In contrast to today and after the French term, the apple of love is not an apple: it was originally a tomato from the West Indies and New Grenada. At the time of the 16th century, New Grenada covered a large part of today’s territory of the Republic of Colombia, Ecuador and part of Venezuela.
The French term Pomme d’amour, which was previously associated with tomatoes, was transferred to the confectionery industry, which resembles it in shape and colour.

The legend of the apple of love

If you as Sugar Daddy are particularly interested in this candy, then sit back and familiarize yourself with this unique and romantic legend.
Ferline Giraudeau, a daughter of a wealthy Marmande citizen, was beautiful, young and distinguished by her wisdom. This successful young lady was probably looking for a Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship that would be intellectually and physically accompanied and supported throughout her life.

She had many admirers who revolved around her again and again to love and appreciate her. But not only love was her goal – the beautiful woman also came from a good family and wanted to find someone of her rank. However, the taste did not apply to any of Ferline’s admirers. As a result, her father, who only wanted his daughter to be happy, was very desperate because he did not see her fulfilled. He also noticed that he was getting older and older without being able to see his daughter happy. And yet a young man named Peyrot Bory would do anything for her for love. Due to his modest circumstances he didn’t dare to reveal his love for the young and exquisite Ferline. Too poor and full of grief he decided to leave Marmande – but always hoping to return later and start a Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship with this breathtaking girl.

When he arrived in Bordeaux, he took one of the ships and sailed to the islands. So he spent four long years visiting the West Indies and New Grenada. Even though he worked hard, nothing could stop his thoughts of Ferline, his Sugar Baby. He could not get rid of the image of her that had remained flawless.

A love between a Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy?

So one day he decided to travel back to Marmande with only a few bags of his most important things and a few strange seeds kept in a small bag.
After his journey he arrived in Marmande and sowed his seeds on his small property – sunny by the rays of early summer. The seeds grew and prospered, forming beautiful plants with yellow flowers, which then bore beautiful smooth red fruits.

He set himself the task of picking these wonderful red fruits every morning, which he delicately placed in a wicker basket and then placed on the edge of Ferline’s window.
Only after a few days did Ferline manage to surprise Peyrot, who wanted to put down her basket of these red fruits again.

Then she asked Peyrot to tell her the name of these wonderful fruits he brought her every day. He replied that the Indians living in America called her “Tomato”, but he himself called the fruit “Ferline” to remember her and her beauty. Ferline was so moved by his romantic gesture that she threw herself into his arms and from that day on would call this red, round and smooth fruit “pomme d’amour”. This is how the love story between Peyrot and Ferline came about – between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby.

The romance that the apple of love brings with it

Don’t be afraid to be romantic. Nothing is better than a love shared with sensitivity and tenderness. Give your Sugar Baby a delicious, special and unique surprise by reinventing the apple of love to make it to your taste.

Gentleman, it’s time to let the ladies go first to create this wonderful relationship, Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby, as Peyrot did for Ferline. It’s up to you to experiment…