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sugar daddy holding money to pay the M&G to his face

First Date Etiquette: Does a Sugar Daddy Have To Pay For the M&G?

First of all, what is an M&G? An M&G is short for meet and greet. It is the first public meeting of a sugar daddy and a sugar baby outside of virtual reality. So, does a sugar daddy have to pay for the M&G? The question in the title is one we’ve been getting a […]

By Luna

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Open relationship

How to make an Open Relationship work

Oh, look if it isn’t the trending relationship. It is undeniable that the open relationship is becoming more and more common in the past years. However, before boarding in this trend with your partner, you must ask yourselves some questions. What are your opinions, expectations, and fears considering this kind of relationship? Are you really […]

By elma

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